Hash Cocktail Dinner

Hash Cocktail Dinner
Venue: Bumbles Restaurant Budds Beach
Date: 26.11.11

The evening kicked-off with pre-dinner drinks in Budds Beach Park before the 53 Hashers and partners moved to the restaurant.
Excellent food ranging from a variety of ten tapis numbers like smoked salmon on potato rosti; chorizo & scallops; Peking duck pancakes through to steak and seafood dishes, finishing with ham rolls followed by desert tarts.

All of this with ever flowing volumes of beer and bubbly supplied by our caring Committee.
Rockhard’s daughter Kirsten came along under the close supervision of her protective dad – it was her birthday and as a surprise her current squeeze from Adelaide popped-in unannounced … Rockhard looked a little concerned as the groping couple slid outside into the darkness of the night.

Santa (with a slight resemblance to Caustic) also joined us, just long enough to hand out Hash Christmas presents.

Sir Slab received a lovely slab of concrete which he promptly dumped – Santa was not impressed.

Cumsmoke received a nice Stop Smoking plaque. Sir Rabbit was thrilled with his dancing bunnies toy.

Nasty treasured his Millionaire In Training plaque.

Santa gave Two Dogs two dogs.

Jigsaw a jigsaw,

Bent banana a bent banana,

Rockhard a hard rock,

Custic a jar of caustic soda

Moonbeams some Moon incense.

Circumference received a geometry set

Rectum was given a sharp metal stopper, no doubt for inserting in rectum like places.

Veteran received a rifle, just like the one he played with as a kid in Vietnam.

Phantom was given a phantom mask.

Prawnstar loved his plastic sea-slug …. and so on it went.

Sir Rabbit won the Lucky Door Prize … how lucky is he:

All up, an enjoyable evening … as they say: Great food, great wine and great company.

That’s about all I can remember. One last thing!! Thanks Aussie for making me drink more Red wine till 3 in the morning. Jocelyn was very impressed. Lol

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