Run 1778

Run: 1778
Date: Monday 28th November 2011
Hare: Arseup & Sir Rabbit
Venue: Park @ Benowa
Runners: 31

Weeks to AGPU: 28

The call went to fill in for Now Loved’s run and many an offer came forth, which is fantastic and what hash is all about. Sir Rabbit offered to do the Nosh and Arseup offered to set a run, remembering all at short notice. The venue was the somewhat now familiar park behind Benowa Road. Arseup advised that the run was all on chalk, tipping us off that this was heading to pretty much familiar roads, paths and drains that abound these parts. We were also further told that the arrows had been tampered with, and thus emerged many theories of possible sabotage.

The good size pack took off into the steamy conditions and we soon found ourselves crossing Benowa Road and heading east along the well worn drain headed by regular early front runner, Flasher. The trail continued towards the east.

After a couple of checks and a regroup, ignored by Flasher, we soon ended up backtracking along the canal and in to the realms of the racecourse stable area. Rumblings could be heard in the pack regarding the lack of on backs and trails just finishing. At the back of the stables Rectum and I, running a check, lost the scent but soon picked up the scent of the horse manure and decided our best avenue was to cut through the stables and rejoin the group somewhere around the racecourse.

To our surprise the trail did not head South to Ashmore Road but North and further away from home. I suspect by the direction a few returned that they too thought this was the way home.
We found the trail and caught up to the Hare and Mumbles sweeping the trail. We also somehow managed to catch front runner, Flasher, who no doubt had once again run his own trail and got lost. After a long run, a couple of loops and a nasty little hill on Heeb Street we again emerged at Benowa Road and headed South towards home, some finding the path to the park with others running in on the out trail. A hard 55 minute slog in humid conditions.

The Nosh consisted of garlic bread, green salad, pasta capricosa. This was finished with ice cream blocks served by Arseup, during the circle, from the famous Sir Rabbit’s musical vending contraption thus silencing the wingers who had complained about no dessert being served with dinner.

Mumbles gave the food report saying it was good but there were no tomatoes with the salad and gave it a stiff 5/10 (prior to knowing about the dessert) so another 1 will be added. The run report by myself was more praising than others who complained about no on backs and dodgy arrows but given it was a last minute fill in effort I gave it a 6.5/10.

We also heard that the 28th of November was the anniversary of arrival for several of our immigrant members being Rug (6 years), Caustic (23 years) and Mumbles (43 years I think). It was suggested we should have a joint annual run featuring Haggis as the Nosh, warm Pommy beer and a run shrouded in secrecy.

Now loved has also been given an all clear, which is great news and a well deserved early Christmas present. Dicky Knee has also returned with the Melbourne weather finally getting to him.
The Saturday night Cocktail Party at Bumbles Cafe was also mentioned with over 50 attending and a great night had by all and hopefully now an annual event.

Down Downs:
Ross, Dicky Knee, Rock Hard & Swindler; Visitor and returning runners

Arseup & Sir Rabbit; Hares

Kwakka; Failing in his left hand monitoring duties several weeks ago

Ross; Not singing

Crocodile; No crownies brought for birthday, we still await

Rug, Caustic & Mumbles; Immigrant anniversary

Mumbles; Failing to own up as returning runner

Rug; POW (by Old Fart) for failing to call on during run

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