Run 1786

Run: 1786
Date: Monday 23rd January 2012
Hare: Rug “Haggis Run”
Venue: Hansford Road, Coombabah
Runners: 26

Weeks to AGPU: 20
The huge down pour a few hours before the run sent the message that the run was in danger of becoming another wet weather debacle. However Rug, determined as ever, reset the run with toilet paper and paper strips held down by rocks for checks to ensure something of a trail would be visible.
A good pack of 26, especially considering the conditions, showed obviously responding to the marketing initiative of Rug by calling this his famous “Haggis on Hansford Run”. We were set on our way east along Hansford Road, but it wasn’t long before we ran out of trail and had to turn back and down the bike path heading south.
Another check then left, east again, and right around the loop. Caustic and I over ran the turn and had to turn back and employ some local knowledge to have us soon back at the front of the pack.
Up over the fence I went only to discover it wasn’t locked at all and was left “swinging in the breeze”. Into the environment park we went facing off with the mob of Roos upset at us disturbing their evening feed.
Along the park tracks we went, left then left again, right and right again. Yet another check, which saw me, Fabio and new guy, Martin heading the wrong way. Again local knowledge, or belief in said knowledge, took over as the three of us headed along the creek to head off the pack. We eventually found the trail again, where it came out of the familiar swamp section, happy to have missed this leg.
Now well in front we continued along the creek, back on the road before heading along the boardwalk, where we had earlier spied the walkers. Another kilometre or so along the walk ways before turning north along the back street before reconnecting with Hansford Road for the short and sharp sprint home.
A few other suspects came in at varying times indicating that it seemed several trails had been on offer or invented by the hounds. Considering the conditions prior to the run it was well acknowledged and given a glowing report by Sir Slab, although he did get lost at the end.
A good mark of 7.35 ensured. Given the circle was held early Aussie, the assistant chef, was asked to give an appraisal of the complex feast being prepared and he assured it was all class and gave it a 7.5/10. The feast of 10YO scotch nips, soup, haggis, shortbread and dessert was well received. Of note was the official Haggis ceremony presided over by an enthusiastic Caustic, who is still struggling to remove his blue paint from his Braveheart face.
It was a scene worth remembering; 26 blokes standing around a Haggis, drinking scotch and listening to a Mel Gibson look alike recite Scottish verse in the midst of a major down pour. We should have filmed it, if some 10 year old kid can get 11 million hits on u-tube for singing some rap song about mutts and goldfish surefly we can become a cult following!
Well done Rug, a classic evening to be well remembered, and extra points for delivering in atrocious conditions.
Down Downs;
Rug; Hare

Cumsmoke; Some shit about buying chicken roll whilst waiting for dinner?

Aussie & BB; Drinking from wrong hand and BB not picking up

Caustic; Not assisting in early preparations of Scottish theme

Truck Tyre & BB; Drinking from wrong hand and BB not picking up

Fabio & Martin; For passing RA too many times on run

Sir Cumference; Ring in, winning raffle at RA & Point Two’s local club at “Tannywhatsit”

Non Aussies x 9; Down down to national anthem

Sir Slab, Fabio & Martin; In possession of non Australian Passports

Cumsmoke; POW via Crocodile for failing in his job to clear rubbish from his canal

Ferret; 800 runs

Australia Day breakfast from 09:00 at Budds Beach, bring chair and drinks (also some on sale), food provided. Let GM know if you can make it.

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