Run 1795

Run: 1795
Date: Monday 26th March 2012
Hare: Kwakka & Swindler
Venue: Evandale Council Chambers Park
Runners: 38

Weeks to AGPU: 11

Being a near virgin’s run night one would not normally expect such a huge turnout as 37 eager runners arrived at the overachievers (bike group) weekend base camp to see what sort of event Kwakka and Swindler could conjure up.

Obviously, most expecting some sort of debacle, were stunned at the levels of preparation with tables set, area cordoned off and everything going to schedule, thus far.
Swindler, on behalf of the hares, addressed the circle and said they had taken on board the constant whinging and moaning of the pack about previous runs and promised tonight had it all, a good run, walk, check backs and drink stop. Though I do doubt that any run will ever avoid some form of whinging or complaints as that is the nature of the beast.
The first leg already had a few on edge as we had to run nearly a kilometre before finding the first arrow at the Chevron Bridge. The trail continued north along Ferry Road before we hit the first on back, catching a good portion of the pack. Fortunately it was not far back to the side road where the trail continued into somewhat unfamiliar country.

We continued in the back street finding another on back or two and check before continuing north along the river side park trail. We then turned west towards Ferry Road before crossing and finding the trail along the drain behind the Ferry Road Tavern. We were now back in familiar country and crossed over some of last week’s trail.

After a solid trek along Cottlew Street East we turned across the street and into the easement before again crossing a drain via a narrow concrete wall. Caustic, Botulism and the RA thought differently and continued on the north side of the drain to soon find they were now faced with a water crossing in order to reach the drink stop on Slatyer Avenue. Fortunately, unlike last week, it was low tide and the crossing was fairly painless except for Botcho receiving a few scratches.

I’m sure Rug would have preferred these conditions as opposed to last week’s swim leg. Caustic, being a little precious, decided not to get his shoes wet and had to go the long way around.
Following the non-alcoholic drink stop the pack then continued east bound towards home. The trail took us up into the pathways and along another drain behind the racecourse stables before turning towards Bundall and the final leg home.

A good, well-marked run using some surprisingly new territory as well as some well-trodden paths, though a few more checks might have slowed the frontrunners a bit more. Some of the new personalised trail markings also added a little confusion but in the end a top notch effort keeping the packs mostly together and home well within the hour.
Even a blackout caused by a mysterious flash from the Council Chambers couldn’t dull the vibrant atmosphere, who knows what those Councillors get up to at night. Speaking of Councillors, don’t forget to vote for the Miscarriage Party coming to an electorate near you!

The nosh was equally impressive with a smorgasbord of bread, salad (to keep Sir Rabbit happy) and lasagne, home cooked we were told, but the carton had Seoul (as in Korea) written on it, so go figure. The feast was followed by a trifle dessert.

In the ensuring circle of great proportions Rectum gave a glowing run report saying it was good with plenty of arrows but needed a few more on backs 7.5/10. Equally impressive was the food report given by Sir AH, commenting it was tremendous 8/10.

A few of the Travelling Willbourys were back from OS tours and were subsequently brown nosing to the GM, as one does. Slab brought a shot glass from Salt Lake City and some prayers from a local lass, Flasher presented the GM with some suspect evening wear with some “brown stains” which will be undergoing forensic testing and Ferrett trumped the pack with an Orang-utan mating caller from the wilds of Borneo (or abouts), should be useful on the Gold Coast. A top effort and great night had by all.
PS Don’t forget the big 1800th action packed, fun filled event happening on the 30th April!!
Down Downs:
Kwakka & Swindler: Hares
Baz & Kevin: Visitors/returning
Dicky Knee, Sir Slab, Truck Tyre, Short Circuit, Arseup & Testicle: Returning
Cumsmoke: Failure to guide Dicky Knee to run last week
Now Loved, Kev: Failing to follow RA’s directives
Dicky Knee: Failure to find venue last week
Caustic: Getting stuck on wrong side of drain during run
Caustic: Failing to attend last week, seen at Darcy Arms downing pints
Caustic: POW, via Splat, for above mentioned charge

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