Run 1796

Run: 1796
Date: 2nd April, 2012
Hare: Aussie
Venue: Marine Parade, Labrador
Runners: 29

Weeks to AGPU: 10

With a very Hash experienced Hare such as Aussie, setting a run in very familiar Hashing territory around the ‘burbs of Labrador, on a perfectly clear afternoon, what could possibly go wrong? Virtually nothing you would imagine.

Well,……. 29 Hasher turned up to test the theory.

Aussie gave explicit instructions before the run stating, “If you find a false trail, go back to the last arrow!”

Although not quite meeting the Gold Coast Hashing standard of going back to the last Check, this direction seemed simple enough and surely we could work with this for the run.

16 Runners took off, (not including the ever increasing numbers of Walkers), with Swollen appointed the Task of Sweeping and keeping everyone on track.

Seemed like a good plan, but on arrival at the very First Check, only 6 runners were still on trail including Swollen!

Fortunately I was one of those so I can give some sort of report on the run. Heading up Parker St I found a very cranky Veteran. “I’ve been up there, I’ve been down there, I’ve been down that Street, they’re all False Trails, so Fucked if I Know!”

Fortunately Aussie, (remember Aussie?, He was the Hare) arrived and with a little bit of calm coaching about returning back to the previous arrow, set Veteran on his way in exactly the direction Veteran had claimed a false trail existed. Seems he may have got a little confused in the red mist!

The rest of the run was comparatively uneventful heading through the shops on Brisbane Rd before turning South and (mostly) following Govt Rd to Central St before heading On Home. (editors note: it is a true-ism that only Bent Banana and Flasher did the complete run!).


Our illustrious GM blew the whistle at exactly 8:14pm to frighten off any marauding Orangutans and to call the Circle to order.

Rug was called on for a review of the run. He stated, “In all my years of Hashing this is the first run where I never saw a single arrow!” (Editors comment: ‘Rug, you’ve been spending too much time with Flasher at Splinter Hash piss ups. If you haven’t seen an arrow you’re not on the fucking trail!!)
Bent Banana restored some sanity by giving the run a very generous 6 / 10.

Nosh Report – The GM said the Nosh was “Glorious” so who could argue with a 7.8 score.


Aussie – Hare

Rock Hard, Big ‘O’, Mumbles, Ross – Returning Runners
(At this time the Big ‘O” waffled on some story about breaking his appendage but no one had a fucking clue what he was talking about!)

Caustic – RA Abuse

Caustic, Nasty, Sir Prince, Mumbles, Rainbow, Flasher (grossly unfair charge!) – not following run directions

Flasher & Rug – Disgraceful behaviour after Splinter Hash. (Has anyone seen my Johnnie?)

Rainbow – 27 years of Hashing. (Looks like he started on his 40th B’day)


The incumbent POW (Caustic) presented a novel method of issuing the POW by calling on 4 ‘Wallflowers’ (those who hide away in the background in the Circle) and letting them vote on who should be this week’s POW.

After Veteran recovered from a seemingly impossible position after naming all of the other three nominees as his first choice (Well who else would they all vote for?) The final vote was a unanimous choice for Show Pony.


Thank you to Aussie for a great Hash Night and a special thank you to Swollen for his dictatorial role as stand in R.A.


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