Run 1800

Run: 1800
Date: Monday 30th April 2012
Hare: Hierarchy 1800th Special Event
Venue: Budd’s Beach & Surfers
Runners: 42

Weeks to AGPU: 5

What makes a person want to get involved in these things? I suppose the fact we had no choice in the matter would be a good place to start. I mean, let’s start with standing in Woollies for 30 minutes watching and waiting for 22 chooks to get drawn and quartered.

This was then followed by the episode of dragging an electronically (wheels) locked shopping trolley loaded with the above mentioned chooks and 3 kilos of coleslaw down the Gold Coast Highway. Then we have the emergency run to Aldi to get the dessert ice creams and extra booze. But I guess, in the end, nothing is better than seeing a meticulously planned event fall into place!

Such is the happenings at the Hierarchy’s 1800th run. The event which was supposed to begin at 6pm saw most arriving early at 5:30pm to Budd’s Beach, opposite the GM’s palatial Beach Retreat.

The 42 soles arrived to collect their signature bright red vests before tucking into the fine array of beers including birthday drinks provided by yours truly and Testicles (I think), thanks for that.
The pre run nibbles were of the usual high quality one could expect. At 6:40pm sharp the GM called the rabble to order and announced that Pizza, Veteran, Now Loved (for parking in the GM’s driveway) & another, who’s name escapes my fading brain cells, would be charged with pushing the earlier acquired shopping trolley, packed with tonight’s feast, to the run’s departure point.

The “A to B” 1800th run was soon underway with the trolley boys leading the way. It didn’t take long for the casual pack to stretch out as we approached Chevron island Bridge. The pack regrouped as the trail then headed over the lights and towards the Titanium Bar, a possible drink stop venue many thought.

No, as the meandering and now confused pack searched for more signs. Despite my calls (totally ignored) the pack continued south along the Highway but was soon suckered into the well construed false trail. All apart from Show Pony and a few others who had picked up on some early Intel on where we might be heading, on a cruise. Finally after some hurried cries of “On Back” the pack arrived at the docks.

After loading we were soon underway on the pleasant autumn evening with many choosing the upstairs deck for the pre diner drinks. As usual the waitresses were “outstanding” and the service of the highest order, with no Gossips in sight. The first quest of the evening was to see who could spot any extracurricular, after dinner, activities being played out at the many well lit palatial abodes we passed on our cruise.

Dinner was soon called and the line-up ensured with Black Stump having to take control of the unruly mob, so much so that I think he missed out on his serve of gourmet coleslaw, which accompanied the more ample feast of Woollies high grade free range chooks. Of course being a Hierarchy event the run and food automatically scored the highest possible 10/10 marks. Before things deteriorated too much, (too late to my thinking), the GM called the circle to order and asked Sir Prince Valiant to take hold of proceedings.

Sir Prince was present at run number #1 and gave us an account of that evening where he, Geoff Lewis, Terry Morrow and others formed the Gold Coast Hash on virtually the same night some 34 years ago and 1800 runs later. Sir Prince gave us a candid and humorous overview of some of his more memorable events, which is better than my memory of what he said last night. Following his rousing speech the GM presented Sir Prince with his Milestone award shirt for 1400 runs.

Other awards, some belated, included 1100 runs for Sir AH, 1000 runs for Sir Point Two (collected by the RA on his behalf), 800 runs for Botulism and Ferret (Shit! the Bastards are catching me!), 500 runs for Bent Banana and Moonbeams, 200 runs for Rock Hard, and 100 runs for Kitchen Bitch, Arse Up and Jigsaw. The awards were tastefully and thankfully presented by the night’s special event guests.

A couple of Down Downs were presented by the RA (I think) including Miscarriage for yet another failed election campaign with suggestions that maybe an earlier start, some campaign funding, an actual marketing plan of sorts, less rain, and utilising his campaign manager, Sir Point Two would assist should he ever be so stupid as to consider making another attempt.

Rectum was again put on notice re the missing pots saga amidst his continued denial of any involvement. Of course the Hierarchy were not left out and the snouts were soon back in the trough with all receiving their Committee shirts.

The two hour cruise soon wound to a conclusion and the pack wandered off into the night with some wisely departing for home and a few usual suspects not so wise, more to report at a later date no doubt.

I don’t think it has been since the Nash Hash in ’99 that we have attempted a boat trip so many thanks to Shat and fellow Hierarchy helpers for making the evening happen. Thanks to all for participating in another fun event and thanks to our “outstanding” helpers and staff on the night for serving up a great 1800th Run.

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