Run 1801

Run: 1801
Date: Monday 7th May 2012
Hare: VD, Head Job & Splat
Venue: Nobby’s Beach
Runners: 31

Weeks to AGPU: 4

Being a long weekend would we reach the 20 mark or even less as only a few stragglers met at the start? Yet it appeared most had fought off their instincts to partake in an afternoon beer to attend the run as a healthy 31 runners finally showed.

Even Latrine made a comeback showing a spell in the New Guinea Highlands had not managed to subdue his form. Apparently he arrived early, failed to find anyone and proceeded to run the trail in reverse until finding us at the half way mark, then having to turn and head for home with the rest of us. The next debacle involved a slight bit of confusion as to which park the run was starting from with both parks having been popular past venues.

Apparently most went to the wrong park which turned out was actually the right park and a few including Ferret, Truck Tyre and Miscarriage went to the right park which was then the wrong park, got it!

VD was officially the hare but he cunningly decided to outsource the run to the new comers of Head Job and Splat and decided this could be their virgin effort. We set off with the sun still up and promises of a good run, no hills, bush and a drink stop. So off we went up the 100 steps, OK it wasn’t a hill but it’s still a scam.
Fortunately the bikini babe photo shoot on the beach distracted us from the pain. Down the hill and across the highway for the long stretch westwards. Lots of checks in the early parts (though a bit predictable) and lots of zig zagging our way towards the Burleigh Golf Club.

It was now fairly evident that we would end up in Pizzey Park as we continued on our merry way. Up another hill and we were soon at the park. Slab used local knowledge and decided he would miss the lap of honour around the park as did Flasher who by now, and as we know regularly, had disappeared on yet another of his mystery runs.

Pity, the guys missed out on passing the very athletic group of females training on the oval. In amongst the pine trees and sludge we found latrine patiently waiting for us to arrive and joined us for the run home. After emerging from the park we found Slab waiting for us as we continued along the pathways to Pacific Avenue and then turned east towards home.

At the highway we turned north to our horror then across the highway at Nobbys Beach shops and then finally towards the beach again. We came across the false drink stop (water tap) then continued along to the beach pathway to the waiting hares and refreshing ales. After a short stop it was onwards for the kilometre or so home.

Pity about the lack of lighting as we missed many a great sight jogging past us in the opposite direction (you’d think Sir Prince would have that fixed by now).

Back at home base VD had stayed back and was busy preparing the night’s feast, which was the usual failsafe of steak, snags and salad, followed by ice cream for dessert. My steak was OK but some mentioned it was going to make a great shoe instep

. Never the less Pizza thought it was great and gave it a resounding 9.5/10. Missing Link gave the run report, saying some of the arrows were a bit close and more check backs required but otherwise a great first effort (and well-marked too I must add) 6.5/10. As the super bright (and red) full moon rose above the tree line it was time to get the now tired Hashers home.

I don’t know what Sandpit did wrong but he ended up driving home with Pizza, Latrine and Caustic as passengers. Now that would have added up to a stimulating conversation on the trip home. Well done guys.

Down Downs:
VD, Head Job & Splat: Hares

Head Job & Rug: Scratching BMW, Rug – erratic driving, lane changing, cutting off bus, break light out and 300 runs

Flasher: Promising 50% of his winnings on TV quiz show and delivering nothing

Latrine, Iceman & Swindler: Returning runners

Kevin: New name, “Blue Card” (involved in child care business)
Flasher: Not making Saturday run due to having to stay home to clean up dog shit

Caustic: Gossips & Jigsaw abuse and allegedly trying to eradicate Booze Master

On On from “The Desk”
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