Run 1802

Run: 1802
Date: Monday 14th May 2012
Hare: Bent Banana
Venue: Carrara – Sewerage Memorial Run
Runners: 31 + 1

Weeks to AGPU: 3!!!!!!!!!! (Yes only three weeks)


31 eager runners showed at the graveyard site for the start of the run.

Bent Banana changed the tradition a little by starting the run here so that the now aging and somewhat “precious” group wouldn’t get too cold standing around in the sub zero temperatures awaiting the inevitable back markers. Smart thinking in fact, it’s a wonder it took us nearly 20 years to work this one out.

Standing around the site many were walking around gazing, wondering and pondering, “would I be next”, “should I book some space now”, “why the am I standing in a graveyard on a cold and windy Monday night”? Miscarriage had even brought his daughter to view the strange annual graveyard migration of the Hash.

Bent Banana finally gave us the brief to head off into the dark cold night for a quick and flat 30 minute run. We ventured north across the main road towards the Nerang railway station. We then wound around to the left and followed the road around which ended up just being a loop, allowing the trailing party to catch up and pass the front runners. Through the station to the bemused look of the patrons and station workers we continued. To the right was the check back as the pack then wondered aimlessly now trying to find the trail

. On left was called as we ventured towards the overpass. I tried cutting across the car park to catch up with the pack but was caught having to traverse a rather large wire fence.

On under the overpass we went and past the familiar sports club from run’s gone by. The arrows on the well-marked trail were even big enough for Blacky to have now taken the lead.

We then looped around the sports ground before finally ending up at the check at the rail overpass. A few ran for the road with others across the fields but finally we found the trail along the drain.

We crossed the drain and headed across the paddocks back towards the rail line before heading north again towards the graveyard in the distance. Some shiggy started to interfere with those wanting to short cut and I believe Botcho’s shoe was gobbled up in some mud crossing. The run brought the runners and walkers together as we climbed the final leg home and readied ourselves for the evening’s ritual.

Around the site of Sewerage’s resting place the port was handed around as Sir Prince gave his usual rousing speech honouring those who have departed. Many a good story followed particularly those of tonight’s host, Sewerage. As per usual Sir Rabbit concluded the evening service with his well-crafted composition honouring Sewerage and the other dearly departed.

It was then back to the cars for the quick trip to Bent Banana’s “Graceland” abode to finish the evening off in style. As usual Bent Banana had excelled and started the feast with gourmet pies, followed by an A Grade curry with an especially hot chilli sauce. This was then complimented by ice cream and fruit.

The GM called the circle and announced the top 10 Country and Western songs of the year. The run was given an 8/10 by Rectum saying he enjoyed it and the food got an 8/10 because no one else did and I thought it had at least deserved that.

It was noted that quite a few Hashers were departing overseas, many allegedly to Interhash. But we know many were also just trying to avoid their impending places on the new Hierarchy. But they needn’t worry as just being absent at the AGPU does not disqualify you from being chosen. Thanks again Bent Banana for another first rate evening.

Down Downs:
Bent Banana: Hare

Ross: Now called Hard On, something to do with his hearing and his surname

Cumsmoke: Being in close proximity to run last week but failing to attend (better offer)

Miscarriage: Failed to sing

Show Pony & Flasher: “Boot open incident” at last week’s run

Swindler: Not singing

Sir Slab, Sir Prince, GM, Jigsaw, Bent Banana, Miscarriage: On tour troop

Hard On: Not paying attention

Miscarriage: Frivolous charge attempt on Cumsmoke

Sir Cumference: Tardiness in advising outcome and our share of pending settlement claim

Hard On: (POW by Rectum) Lack of appreciation of new name

On On from “The Desk”
Two Dogs

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  1. Botcho Post author

    Only two weeks to go and then the new Hierarchy will have to worry about trying to keep you lot in order!!
    Welcome to the new Hierarchy…….?….?….?….? ?
    Good luck to the lucky few
    It won’t be me Ha ! Ha! Ha!

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