Run 1803

Run: 1803
Date: Monday 21st May 2012
Hare: Rectum
Venue: Mount Tamborine
Runners: 22

Weeks to AGPU: 2!! (Yes only TW0 weeks)

Rectum was always going to be under pressure on his forthcoming run. He who complains about the quality of the run and food to the extreme (not to be confused with a whinging POM) was about to be tested. The northern alliance left early in the day, had GPS coordinates uploaded, Westpac chopper on standby, extra fuel on board, cut lunch. Even Sir Cumference emptied his fridge and donated a 6pack for the trip up figuring it would be such a long trip extra sustenance would be required.

We finally found the location with time to spare and a good crowd of 22 runners showed for the event despite numerous Hashers away overseas. We waited for Botcho, Flasher and crew who detoured via the golf course and numerous other scenic sites. The pack was getting restless as the assistant booze master was nowhere in sight. Had Swollen succumbed to the pressure of having to perform his duties for three weeks? However we were assured the pub was only a couple of kilometres away should tragedy strike so the order to go was given.

It was always going to be dark and cold in these parts of the hills and so it was as Rectum gave the brief and set us off on our way. Along the path we went then left along the road before hitting the first of many checks. Further along the road with Blacky keenly leading the way despite the near pitch black darkness, obviously the council in these parts haven’t yet discovered street lights.

Further along to more checks and seemingly heading further away from the prominent landmark of the St Bernard’s pub where the walkers were allegedly fast tracking to. We soon emerged at the main western road and started heading back towards home, dodging the peak hour traffic of three vehicles in the process.

The darkness made it difficult to see the seemingly never ending hills, making the going tough for the intrepid runners. We finally emerged at Alpine terrace and started the run, sadly past the pub, for home. I had to leap over a sizeable python running late for his winter hibernation and then was attacked (sort of) by a rabid mutt not happy with the rabble of the runners in his normally quiet street.

Some said the run was a little like Labrador, but in the hills with acreage and mutts, however the consensus was that it was well marked, a good winter run, virgin territory, and no one got lost, and amid high expectations, as explained by Blackstump who gave it a 7/10. Truck Tyre said the delightful meal of tortillas with chicken, beans, pickled veggies and more was good and Show Pony said the sticky date pudding dessert was brilliant. Accordingly the nosh was given a good 8.5/10.

A top effort by the Hare and well assisted by of course KB. Notably too KB decided to christen himself as the “Fire Master” and produced a great warming fire in his somewhat altered beer keg. The scene in the bush, the cold night, and the warming fire reminded many of us of the runs of days gone by where a big fire was the order of the night during winter runs.

With the AGPU only two weeks away the stand in GM, Josephine, asked for volunteers to audition for prospective positions. Rug stepped up to the plate and took over the RA position as though he was meant for it, the Hierarchy has noted this fine effort and we’re sure it will be well rewarded. Thanks to all for showing, thanks to Rectum for a great evening and thanks to KB for his kitchen skills and fire starting efforts.

Down Downs:
Rectum: Hare

Botulism: Lost on way despite being one who sent out directions

Truck Tyre: Lost on way to run

Flasher: Complaining to Booze Master adding to stress

Flasher: Alleged incident with Miss South Africa

KB: Dirtying Rug’s plate after he had cleaned it up

KB: Trying to charge assistant Booze Master, Swollen, with sanitary issues

Kawaka: Passed on credit by Rectum, pay back for POW

Head Job: Failing in duty of care decimating Nasty and Splat on boat trip

Caustic: Allegedly interfering with Head Job’s sex life

Kawaka: POW by Hard ON, because he said he’s only had it once before

Hard ON: Bravery award for riding to Harley shop on Vespa to get leather jacket

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