Run 1821

Run 1821
Date : 24th September 2012
Hare : Truck Tyres
Venue : Burleigh Waters
Runners 30

Weeks to my passport returning – ?

The day didn’t bode too well, an early attempt at a storm with more forecast to come. Arriving at the venue the skies told a different story and the slight chill in the air was going to make for comfortable running.

It was clear that there was a healthy head count and as, we embarked through a compound gate it seemed that the running numbers had swelled this week also.

The trail, which lead through the Burleigh Waters estates, was well marked, okay a few arrows had eroded in the earlier shower, but in the main we kept on trail. False trails and check backs were used to keep the pack together (the hare had obviously read last weeks trash) so after thirty minutes we were still as a pack. The front-runners swapped regularly and when we finally emerged onto Reedy Creek road we were still all together.

Past Bunnings over Reedy Creek road and into the industrial estate before emerging onto, then crossing, West Burleigh road and onto a graveled track. At the top of the track we climbed through a hole in the fence and then onto a council track, which undulated, between a series of bridges, skirting the edge of the water.

Once off the track we were sent down the hill towards Stocklands and just when you thought you were on the on home, the trail lead way from home (usually up another hill). Finally we descended, crossed Reedy Creek road again and back to the venue. A very good run indeed. Two words – Bench Mark.

The usual dipping chips had been dispensed with, in favour of some with more flavour, the dip was a little on the small side but tasty.

An Asian style chicken noodle soup was served as a starter with bread, this was followed by a Beef Provençale with carrots, courgettes and whole onions served alongside pasta and garlic bread. Dessert was freshly chopped melon and strawberries and ice cream doused with Grand Marnier. Looked as though someone was aiming for run and food of the year.

GM called circle and Truckie was brought out; this is the second run he has hared on the coast despite having only completed 32. The GM commented on both Kitchen Bitch and Mumbles with strong front running appearances before inviting for a Caustic comment.

“Magnificent, best run of the year, good use of arrows, route and new territory”. 9 ¼ out of ten, only minor complaint was we were over the hour by a few minutes. DD for hare, who incidentally provided the beers for his birthday, unlike you Show pony. Caustic was heard to be chuntering so DD by the GM.

Sir AH said of the nosh “Brilliant, none outsourced, only help was by KB who assisted to serve. “Grand Marnier fruit cocktail was beautiful”. Botcho (the olive maestro) critiqued “lacking salt” 7 ¾ out of ten.

Returners – Mumbles – travelling and flu
Sir AH – working – broke the wife’s foot (couldn’t quite get her over the balcony)
Swindler – working in Indonesia/Singapore where caught up with Magician
Kwakka – suffering from bad knee again

No RA this week, on a pilgrimage.

Belated pressy for the GM from testicles – an elephant calendar (from a seconds shop?) what happened to the bintang.

DD – Shat – 100 runs
Flasher – for fluency in Arabic
Caustic/Arse up/Shat – beer in wrong hand
Josephine – for doing a fine job at beer spotting

Story about the chipmunks from Botcho, about the Roosters from Cum Smoke and Miscarriage’s continued f#ck –ups that are his life by Sir Prince.

Iceman riding high on the success of his joke last week attempted another funny. I did say attempted.

POW – Rectum handed the prestigious award to Shat for doing so much for Hash last year and yet so little this year. Shat was so overcome by emotion, he collapsed with joy. Apparently he is a virgin POW, watch out next week Josephine I feel a guilt by association coming.

Next weeks run – Pizza @ his place, Committee run _ Oktoberfest, bring a German helmet??

Splinter lunch by Pizza this Friday, at an Italian on Orchid Avenue.

End of circle by Josephine.

Thanks to Truckie for a great effort on the run and food, my legs are still aching.

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Most of the above may be untrue. But I don’t care.

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