Pizza Pulls a Crowd

Splinter Lunch 28th September 2012

Venue Costa Packet, Orchid Avenue

Mein Host – Pizza

The large bench table was almost full as I arrived with my Dad in tow, extensions were added constantly as numbers eventually swelled to the heady heights of 42.

Clearly someone had done a bottle shop over, as there was enough wine on display to sink a large naval vessel.

The weather was beautiful and the setting not too shabby either, notable appearances by Mdme Latrine, Moonbeams, Links brother john, Nasty, Phantom together with the usual suspects.

Pizza issued the cry of 50% off all food, which went down like Devine Brown on Hugh Grant. The pasta looked just as good as the pizza; which was delicious and generous in portion.

As we settled the bill I realized that Pizza is to mathematics what Julia Gillard is to fashion, paying $40 for $37 worth of food is 108% to my reckoning, well at least we subsidized Sir Prince’s fillet steak.

Those with the stamina (or stomach capacity) adjourned to the Lansdowne Road pub for a roadie and a handful made it to the obligatory Darcy Arms to finish proceedings.

Is there a better way to finish a week? Okay strippers maybe. Thanks to all who made my Dad so welcome.

On On


On SecMost of the above may be untrue. And I still don’t care.

Pizza seemed to have more to drink than most and was last seen being helped across the Chevron Island bridge in a wobbly state. Great birthday bash Pizza.

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