Run 1822

Run 1822
Date : 1st October 2012
Hare : Rectum (committee run)
Venue : The Pizza Hut, Surfers Paradise
Runners 37

Weeks to Elvis next leaving the building – 52

Due to the unsettled period of weather, I had left it to the last minute to mark out the run, anticipating showers that never eventuated. The route for those who didn’t bother to complete the whole thing was – down Slatyer, over the canal to Upton, through the commercial estate onto Bundall, across into Elliot, St Andrews over Isle of Capri bridge, along boardwalk to Chevron, Thomas drive and on home.

Runners returned in a staggered fashion corresponding to which point along the route they had decided to give up. It appeared that Flasher and Iceman were about the only two to bother with the whole course.

The committee provided food consisted of –

Entrees – ham/cheese/mini sausage/liverwurst/crackers

Mains – German sausage/sauerkraut/red
cabbage/rosti/bratkartoffel/mustards/fresh bread

Dessert – Mixed strudel/ice cream/cream

Washed down with free Oettinger pils lager

What a lucky lot you are, we could have got you a sh%t t-shirt (which you would have given away)

DD for Rectum and Sir Rabbit, Hare and Nosh

Circle convened by the GM from the lofty heights of Pizza’s brickwork (brave man)

Iceman gave comment on the run “best run of my life, full of surprises, 7.7/10”
Latrine stated,” at least there were no hills”

Ringbark was asked to comment on the food but he had f#cked off earlier, Rainbow took his place and ventured “ Better than the Mc Donalds (what isn’t) we have had for the last three months” 9/10. Caustic suggested that Rainbow’s main menu had been filled with road kill not Mc Donalds.

Returners – Elvis – playing football
Rainbow – nomading
Phantom – busy
Head Job – something in welsh
Latrine – overseas

Visitors – Jeffrey/JD/Ken

Sir Cumference still receiving his religious orders so not with us, probably back after his circumcision.


– Flasher for being under the radar (under everything in fact) and 500 runs completed for which he received a shirt outlining his correct run tally.

– Mr. Nice Guy (Botcho) Secretly back in training for the V8 handicap

– Caustic for having a female eagle on his hat

Sir Prince was requested to complete a structural appraisal of Pizza’s steelwork; Sir Prince declined but commented, “when the roof goes on, I’m not coming back”

POW – Shat – pulled out the following offenders

Cum Smoke – Burning out the Falcon
Testicles – Thrown out of Darcy Arms
Pizza – Thrown out of HIS eating establishment
Latrine – Thrown out of Lansdowne Pub due to bike

The winner was of course Testicles who really should have known better at his age

Next weeks run – Joint run with Brisbane, Gem Hotel, Alberton 630 start

Ende des Kreises durch moonbeams

Thanks to Kitchen Bitch this week for a sterling effort even though he’s not on committee and to the members of committee who left the GM and myself to do the washing up.

Hierarchy dishlexic!! Now I’ve heard it all


On On

On Sec
Most of the above may be untrue. And I still don’t care.

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  1. Bent Banana

    Thanks Pizza for making your shack available for the very successful 2012 Oktoberfest Run. And more importantly for that tasty black beer you shouted the troops, which they all seemed to enjoy very much

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