Run 1838

Run 1838
Date : 21th January 2013
Hare : Shat and Veteran
Venue : Macintosh Island, Surfers Paradise
Runners 31

Weeks to Swindler taking over as On Sec- 22

Reminiscent of an English evening at the height of summer, it was cold and pissing down at the venue, despite this the attendance was high, possibly due to the zero chance of finishing the trail drowned in sweat because of the heat.

Veteran addressed the troops with a slightly different version of Sit Slabs piss weak excuse from last week, raining, blah, arrows might not be there blah, what ever happened to live hare? In his defence a runner had been deployed with the knowledge of the trail in the unlikely chance that someone should get lost. Remember those words.

Off we trot over Macintosh bridge towards Main Beach, the trail showed right then over Main Beach Parade, seeing fresh toilet paper I ran towards Surfers, but it died out after 500 metres. I looked for the pursuing pack of which there was none, made my way back to the bridge, still no pack nor arrows evident.

Left with no choice I became a live hare for myself and ran up the spit (where some more arrows were come across). The trail, I am informed, went up to Marina Mirage, past Peter’s chippy before returning back along the boardwalk, through the yacht club and down Teddar.

Once safely back at the venue I was approached by the concerned well-wisher who was wondering where I had got to as no one else was prepared to undertake the trash notes.

Shat had finally made an appearance and was busy watching Sir Prince and Kitchen bitch sort out the food. Henry Faroe, the architect of the ten principals of management, would have been delighted at your use of ‘Delegation’. Again.

Once self served, I tucked into a delicious beef salad, spaghetti with assorted meats and fresh rolls. Sir Rabbit approached and asked “what would you call this then?” The best I could do was SPLOB, – Shats party left over bits. Not only delicious but a wonderful indictment of what can be done with left overs to turn them into a second meal.

Dessert came later, chocolate cake, Ice cream and mangoes, with or without grit, your choice.

Circle convened by the GM and the hares brought out. Swollen Colon, who has been absent quite a bit this year, was invited to do both critiques. Waiting for VD who was taking a leak behind the wheelie bins (a theme continued throughout the circle, despite a nearby council toilet, there’s nothing like evacuating your bladder in public.) “Ran with Blackie, hard to keep up with, well marked (sure) more checks required 7.8/10
“Spaghetti Bolognese kabanosi chilli, I told Shat it deserves food of the year, but I was pissing in his pocket” 7.2/10

DD to the hares who were left with the wise words of Sir Prince “now f%ck off and give some young blokes ago”

Shat brought back to circle and given a Hashy birthday.

Visitors/Returners Jigsaw, with family
Swollen Colon, not getting into it, not getting out of it?
VB, not sure what he said but it had sex in it somewhere
Shredder, hanging out with old Ferret
Semen, 14 months in a Phillipino

R.A.’s 15 minutes started with a Tassy update from VD – “more tourists please” it would seem even Tasmanians realize the problems with inbreeding and require a larger genetic pool. VD also warned against fighting fire without the right equipment, exhibited by singed pubes.
Jigsaw DD from new shoes, usual excuses fell on deaf ears
Two Dogs DD thanks to his namesake in Sound Garden. (living on Ephraim, does he even have a garden?)
DD to Swollen due to Semen’s pyrotechnic induced incontinence.
Kitchen Bitch DD for dropping the mangoes.
Nasty DD for a charitable bike ride dressed as Elvis, exposed by the Gold Coast’s new super grass Sir Slab who went on to charge Sir Prince for failing to attend said bike ride and Missing Link for 9am stubby. Anyone thinking of doing a bank job? Don’t invite Sir Slab.
Hard On DD for attending in non-hash shirt. Again.

POW Croc and Rug bleated about the lack of booze situation, which had lead to their obtaining the prestigious award. They went on (at great length) and blamed half the hash for absence of grog. Those chosen were –

Bent Banana – not buying enough
Blackie – giving free booze (not likely)
Caustic – for buying too much
Aussie – three stubby holders
Two Dogs – drinking VB when black available

The winner (?) was identified as Nasty due to the common denominating factor that he was present on all the occasions when the booze ran dry.

Burka of the week held over, Flasher not taking the GM up on his invitation to put a joke on the web and currently considering renouncing his religion.

Congratulations to Blackie who won another aquathon. He was so fresh at the end he even had enough left in the tank to assist the guy in second place get his wheelchair out of the water after the swim leg.

Splinter lunch reminder – 930 Tee off, 1230 lunch at Botcho’s

Next Weeks run – Hierarchy at the newly renovated Sir Rabbits Bar and grill, Aussie day run with a difference.

Circle ended by Josephine, who’s getting very good at it despite forgetting the words this week.

Thanks to both Veteran and Shat. Thanks also to our designated kitchen assistants Kitchen Bitch and Sir Prince without whom certain runs would be neither gourmet nor ready until Tuesday.

On On

Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it.

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