Run 1844

Run 1844
Date : 5th March 2013
Hare : Two Dogs
Venue : Paradise Point
Runners 20

Weeks to going home in dry trainers – 6 according to the weather bureau

On arrival at the venue numbers looked to be well down, surely the still wet weather hadn’t dented everyone’s enthusiasm? As the clock progressed steadily towards 6.15pm the head count swelled at about the same pace as the wind strength. Once the hare had finished constructing a rather elaborate wind defence mechanism we were instructed on the weekly changing system of route markings and pointed in the direction of Sovereign Island.

Fortunately the rain faltered, rather like a piss after sex, so our first dry start in weeks. I don’t know who had opened a large can of moral fortitude but of the 17 of us gathered at the start, two walked, two remained and THE REST RAN.

Miscarriage and the newly mobile Botcho set off at a cracking pace and followed the trail to Paradise Point’s fine dining establishments where shortly afterwards it led to the preceding trail here (in reverse). The rainfall had taken quite a toll on the markings, so bursting with an overabundance of local knowledge; Miscarriage took Botcho and Myself on 2km shortcut into the now driving rain.

The trail itself turned towards Oxley drive, where I left behind Miscarriage (who had pulled a muscle)(karma?) and then caught up to Missing Link, Iceman, Ken and Two Dogs (who was rather conscientiously remarking the trail). We ran parallel with Columbus drive until Bayview street where most starburst and took their own route home. Genius that I am, I went down a dead end and managed to put another 1.5km on the nights tally.

All in all, well marked with enough checks and anywhere from 6 – 9.7 km. Most importantly a very good effort by the huge band of runners and who has seen Caustic that red faced before? (disregarding the ‘incident’ with the vacuum cleaner)

Cheese and crackers were supplied for nibbles as the bbq’s were expertly attended to by Moonbeams and Two Dogs, I noticed the Hashers were huddled in groups of four, Rug explained “We’ve all had threesomes and so decided on a new challenge”.

Moonbeams eventually dished out the preliminary Exxon Valdez snags on the obligatory buttered bread, as I swallowed the final bite I immediately telephoned the Environmental Protection Agency due to the anticipated hazard that the grease released from my snag was likely to cause. They will be cleaning wildlife up for weeks.

Thai burgers arrived next with onions, tomato and lettuce. Josephine was overheard commenting “No competition really, where’s the beetroot and pineapple?” lets not forget the plastic cheese either.

Dessert was served in the form of Trifle, see below.

What a conundrum, how does an Aussie construct an English trifle – jelly with sherry infused sponge cake topped with custard, cream and sprinkles when an ex-pat struggles so badly?

Stand-in GM; Croc, opened circle and enquired of the RA what the things in the sky were, stars apparently.

Two Dogs was brought out and watched on as Caustic and Veteran were given DD’s for getting so far off trail. Botcho gave comment on the run –‘well marked considering the conditions, bit of chiggy, 8 and a bit.

Sir Rabbit extolled the finer points of the meal before scoring at 7.4, incidentally just below the score his food received last week.

Returners –

Bouncer – came to pay Link for services rendered
Ken – enjoyed it so much last time
Iceman – researching a new joke
Miscarriage – back in the fold
Veteran and Blue Card – not listening as taking photos

Ken was left in the circle and named as ‘Gob Smacked’ as a result of his facial expression at his last run. (I blame the trifle)

Croc then gave a DD to “the arsehole of the week’ – Cum Smoke – for choosing to sit in his new car and smoke rather than run. By the way, how’s that new exercise regime going? When you said you were aiming for 50 a day, I guess you didn’t mean press-ups.

RA took to the circle and gave a DD to Veteran for his one-man show at the last splinter lunch and DD to Blue Card for not attending at the last run. Sir Rabbit informed us that last weeks pies have been found as far afield as Burleigh, Pizza is thought to be the one disposing of them irresponsibly.

After a five-week break, Iceman stepped up to the plate with a joke about ties, thanks to the strong winds the groans could be heard in Yatala. Five weeks was evidently not long enough.

POW proxy Caustic had patently given no thought to the matter and weakly pushed it into the hands of the easy target – Veteran, for both the Splinter lunch incident and tonight’s directional mismanagement. The ale was quaffed in very good fashion.

Next weeks run – Caustic & Moonbeams Cascade Gardens Broadbeach.
End of circle by Josephine as Moonbeams bailed out early.

A big hand to Two Dogs, his assistant and all of you maintaining the ‘Harrier’ in our name.

On On

Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it.

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