Run 1845

Run 1845
Date : 12th March 2013
Hare : Moonbeams and Caustic
Venue : Cascade Gardens
Runners 23

Weeks to the Reedy Creek run – never, it doesn’t exist

Cascade Gardens. Again. Not so much like bumping into an old friend, more sitting next to the same lunatic on the bus home everyday.

Nonetheless a reasonable sized turnout despite the forever possibility of showers. The expected route was bound to contain elements such as the boardwalk at the rear of Cascade, the boardwalk behind the exhibition centre, not to mention the numerous dead end cul-de-sacs that run up to the water on the way to the casino.

Our hare issued instructions and set us on our way northbound. The trail lead in a large loop where everyone lost the plot before heading back to the boardwalk at the rear of Cascade Gardens (really). We ran parallel to the Highway before entering the boardwalk at the rear of the exhibition centre (who would have guessed) then over the bridge whereupon many false trails lead into (wait for it) the numerous cul-de-sacs on our way southbound to Hooker Boulevard. Left turn Clyde down to the Casino where most got lost and returned on home back up the highway. A steady six km.

Starters in the form of chips and an indiscernible dip were served; this was followed by a carefully served (not a lot to go around) beef curry and rice. A dessert of fruit pies with fruit in liquor and ice cream finished off the meal.

Circle was called by the stand-in GM – Crocodile, and the hares brought out

Miscarriage gave comment on the run – went there, over there, back here, casino and on home, lovely. 6.8/10
Blue Card was unable to comment on the walk as there was no trail
Missing Link stated of the food – quite good when you got some, sweets terrific 7.8/10

Visitors –

Paul, new runner, soap dodger from east London has been travelling round the world and was brought by Kevin – Who the f%ck is Kevin?
Sometimes I do and Sister Maureen, hashers from Garden city, Christchurch, NZ have been on the Gold Coast a year. Sometimes I do originally from Vladivostok, which lead to questions re the Russian Mafia and real estate on Sovereign Island.

Rug enthralled all with a rendition of ‘what happened this date in yesteryear’ which rather convolutedly lead to a DD for Botcho due to Alexander Fleming.

Rectum took to the floor as stand-in RA, even though the RA was here, and before he could even begin Iceman over spoke his little piece. DD to Iceman as much as for that as the joke last week. DD to Elvis for turning up, staying to eat and wearing new shoes. DD to Hard On for once more not wearing a hash shirt. DD to Croc for reversing into a post in the car park, DD to Blue Card for keeping Botcho waiting with last weeks photo’s. DD to Caustic for plagiarism of a hash song, even though it sounds as though Flasher may have been the actual culprit.
Yes the power went to my head, but be grateful, if the lady from NZ had not been present there would have been more ice than the last time Ben Cousins went to see Torville and Dean.

From Blackie, please return any awards from the AGPU last year so that they may be engraved for this year.

Joke from Kitchen Bitch about the new Viagra sleeping pill. Very funny.

Elvis (yes he was still there at the end) informed us of the recent UK court decision, apparently calling an Australian, fat and stupid is not racist. See Cum Smoke.

No POW as Veteran cant make it this far south.

DD to Elvis for running over the RA’s blue suede shoes, serial offender

Next Weeks Run – Best to check the web page, as we were to give the much-lauded Reedy Creek jaunt a go, but the latest is a St Patrick’s Day piss up starting at Budds Beach.

End of Circle by Moonbeams

Thanks to Moonbeams for the de-ja-vu run, food and to Caustic for lending a hand. Again.

PS from Ferret, Testicles and Flasher seen at Cancun MX airport being detained by customs for ‘inappropriate DVD’s’.

On On

Hang On a Sec
Don’t believe a word of it.

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  1. Madamoiselle Latrine

    Very good run reports. With the extemporaeous and prolific vocabulary underutilised by most Australians. Willl see you all Easter Monday.

    Has here is either a virtual run or you go by yourself.

    On On from Lae Madamoiselle Latrine

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