Run 1843

Run 1843
Date : 25th February 2013
Hare : Sir Rabbit (food) and Josephine/Circumference (trail)
Venue : The recently renovated Rabbits Bar and Grill, Southport
Runners 20ish

Weeks to another 70+ hasher falling over – less than 1

Once again the Gold Coast Hash was playing second fiddle to the weather. Clearly the degree of precipitation was proportionate to that of a week earlier and so, it would not be remiss to assume that another piss-weak excuse was to be served in favour of a run. Yet this was not the case, new ground was being broken by the Hare who, having searched extensively on EBay, had purchased a backbone (and maybe an anorak) and had actually set a run. How refreshing.

The venue seemed picture perfect after its latest touch-up, so good in fact that a large number of hashers decided it would be more advantageous to give the place a closer scrutiny rather than risk possibly dissolving in the drizzle.

We were set on our merry way towards Smith Street and completed a large clockwise circle eventually re-crossing Smith Street, through the dog park and on home. The route was surprisingly well marked and had a number of checks (these may have been superfluous as several hashers were carrying maps). The final tally was about 6k in just over half an hour. I saw many start the course but only Two Dogs and the GM finish. Some things don’t change.

Whilst awaiting the food, no nibbles apparent, half crowded around the cinema screen and watched a medley of Football World Cup songs whilst the remainder enjoyed the breeze, which was caressing the alfresco dining area.
Although the deck was without illumination from a light source, Aussies new trainers lit the place up very well, its fair to say that they were so far right of gay they had reached pedophile status.

The run had heralded the return of Cum Smoke and Moonbeams enquired if his role at the boxercise class was that of the bag. Despite extensive questioning by Missing Link, it became apparent that there would be no new notches on the bedpost for Cum Smoke. This naturally led to the question “how many days did you wake up with a sore arse? And left us pondering the riddle ‘with no roots in Bangkok, how do the trees remain upright’.

Fodder appropriate for the weather was served by a small team, Australian meat pies made by Aldi in the Czech republic from flogged pit ponies, Australian peas canned in New Zealand, mash and gravy. No dramas with the quantities as there were even enough left over for the down downs. Dessert came after circle, top of the range ice cream lollies, which were melting quicker than the polar ice caps.

Circle was held on the deck and the Hares pushed forwards, critique of the run was left in the hands of the only non-hierarchy member who bothered to finish. Two Dogs stated it was ‘well marked, considering the conditions, both path and bush, water hazards and checks’ 7.8/10

The food was adjudged by the still eating Truck Tyres, ‘pretty good but no parsley in the spuds’ 7.5/10 Most others refused to comment as the POW was still in Rabbit’s hands.


Cum Smoke – overseas (try hard with a copious number of gifts for the GM)
Pizza – working???
Sir AH – been away

The RA took the circle over and made Aussie drink from the aforementioned trainers before launching into a plethora of random Australia Day questions that inevitably lead to DD’s for Link, Rug and Rock Hard. DD also for Cum Smoke for lack of Australian clothing, his Elle McPherson g-banger was not visible.

POW – Sir Rabbit immediately pointed at Rock Hard and handed him the prick for not bringing a plate, paying hash cash in 20cent pieces and wearing 14 stitches without an explanation. Caustic will be proxy for next week as Rock Hard is unsure if he will fall again mid week.

GM going on a two-month luxury cruise so acting GM’s will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Next weeks run – Two Dogs at Paradise Point. So if it rains, as hare he wont be running, the GM is on Hols, I guess I may be going solo.

End of Circle by Moonbeams.

Thanks to Rabbit, Josephine, Circumference and Kitchen Bitch, a very enjoyable Australia Day placebo.

A Cuba trip update would be nice, I know you’re reading this Flasher, we are missing you horribly, its like a gun club without a target.
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