Run 1860

Run 1860
Date : 24th June.2013
Hare : Bent Banana
Venue : Emerald Lakes
Runners : 27
The Week That Was!
About 22 adventurous souls turned up for the walk or run for the night.

The run was set around the picturesque lake at Emerald Lakes, Carrara which is a 1980’s development in the European 1680’s style developed by a Japanese company.

Blackie was the man of the night! He was the go to man for everything, acting GM, the Hash Cash and acting Religious Advisor. His salary for the night was 3 times the norm.

Blackie called the circle which was in fact an extended oblong along the shore of the lake.

Arse Up was called on to score the run and said it was well marked and plenty of check backs which almost caused Rectum to nearly choke for some reason, and gave it a 8 out of 10. Flasher complained that someone was practising hitting golf balls and almost had his head taken off, to which Caustic replied “it must have been a grubber”.

Carefree gave a score on the Nosh and to be different started with the dessert which was partly fresh fruit, partly out of a can and multicolour icecream which was very thoughtful as people could choose their own colour. The main course was some tasty beef stew set on a choice of fine European breads which was a change from the normal cheap as chips white flavourless bread. The entrée was a meat pie carefully set in aluminium dishes just to offset the main course which was also a large meat pie without the pastry. Carefree complained that he already had pie for lunch and so that only reasonably pushed the score down and he gave it a 7 out of 10. Caustic was invited to give a second opinion and as the portion control on the pies was fairly poor he missed out completely. He gave it a score of 0 out of 10 resulting in an average of 3.5.

Shat gave a short discourse on the walk on behalf of the walkers and said he was dazzled by the lights around the lake and said it reminded him of his first night on a date with a girl at the movies. He gave the walk 7.35 out of 10. VD was called on for a second opinion on the walk and after careful consideration and deliberation he gave it at 7.35.

Last to pay Arse Up got a Down Down. Link was called out for abusing Flasher and Bent Banana on the run and given a Down Down.

Botcho, Flasher and Caustic were referred to as serial pests by the acting GM, however Caustic got a particularly severe reprimand for leading several runners including the GM the wrong way on the run.

Similarly Two Dogs got a Down Down for leading the acting GM way off track.

KB was in the firing line by the acting GM who pointed out that for the Nosh that night, KB had paid $10 in cash plus the balance in lemons and mandarins from his extensive orchard in the Tallebudgera Valley and got a well-deserved Down Down. Blackie complained that he cannot pay his suppliers in lemons and mandarins!

Carefree was back in the firing line as last week he stated he couldn’t decide which Hash was better as he couldn’t decide which was best, Sydney or Gold Coast.

Croc, Hard On and Carefree got a Down Down for talking about cooking recipes during the Nosh.

Shat was given a Down Down and severe reprimand from the acting GM for abusing the acting GM with foul language when it was pointed out to him that he hadn’t paid for his Nosh. A Down Down was considered the appropriate mouth wash.

Flasher appeared in the circle nursing an object wrapped in a towel and said he had been nursing this item as he needed to give it away. After carefully unwrapping the item it turned out to be the Annual POW Trophy and he said as he had taken it a second place getter it was now time to hand it onto the appropriate first place getter, Caustic. A standoff then ensued between Caustic and Flasher and it is still unsure who got to take the fine trophy home. More to follow.

BB then called out Truck Tires and complained that every week he always came late and what could be done to make him come on time, to which came a retort from the back of the circle “give him Viagra”.

Caustic Crusader never lost for words then made a charge against Kwakka, one of the Wednesday bike riders referred to by Caustic as the Wobbly Warriors and gave Kwakka a Down Down for falling off his bike at slow speed on the wet grass on a footpath.

Next the POW was awarded by last week’s recipient Carefree. Carefree explained that he had been welcomed into the club and was particularly chuffed when he was invited by Shat to ride in the bicycle gentlemen’s group Wednesday morning last week. Shat gave him particular instructions to be waiting on Seaworld Drive on his bike ready to join the group at 6.40am. That was a particularly cold morning and Carefree turned up at the appointed time only to sit there freezing for 10 minutes waiting for Shat and the group to turn up. Shat took the POW yard glass and tried to make it last for 30 minutes which resulted in Two Dogs calling out “its not a friggin wine tasting!”

Next week’s run will be at Mt Tamborine courtesy of Rectum and he advises all should bring their full length ski suits as it will be chilly.

Blue Card

Blue Card YouTube Clip For The Week

2 thoughts on “Run 1860

  1. Bent Banana

    Yes after telling Mrs Bent Banana that Caustic scored her loved-over nosh which took her for several hours to create and cost her 2 bottles of wine, only scored a 0 she agrees with Flasher.

  2. Flasher

    Excellent run report Blue Card…..Just for everyone’s info….the POW OF THE YEAR TROPHY does rightfully belong to Caustic Crusader!!
    Writing this in a very beautiful hotel room in balmy Bangkok.
    Cheers. Flasher

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