Run 1868

Run 1868
Location: Gilston
Hare: Black Stump


The GM appeared wearing a long floral dress and a Tiara looking like a  transvestite version of a southern baptist gospel called up the circle.

Rug reporting on the run…..  Was pretty good but took me 10 minutes to get out of the driveway.

Flasher said he had stuck with Rectum on the run so proudly anounced he had not short cutted and had a reliable witness to prove it. This has now been named as the “miracle of Gilston” no shortcuting by Flasher.

Sir AH commented that the walk had a been an emotional almost mystical experience for him as stopped for a moments silence at the round a about where Rectum had an attack from aliens who pushed the hash trailer on its side.

The NOSH – Hard On gave the dinner a good wrap and in an extremely generous mood mentioned 9 out of 10. Big Unit said he was just happy to have a home cooked meal.

RETURNERS Testicles, Aussie, and Mother Brown were welcomed back with a DD.

POW. 2 Dogs awarded the prestigious trophy to Flasher for a series of Politically Incorrect emails. You have been put on notice Flasher, keep the emails to Hash Shit.

RA Dressed for the special night of a special Knight Sir Black Stump, the RA came attired as the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

The RA reminded us of THE rules.

#1 Rule of Hash – what happens own tour stays on tour

#2 Rule of Hash – what’s discussed between Hash Bretheren stays in the Hash.

But there is a weak link, a Trojan Horse – Sir Prince Valiant impugning the reputation of the RA by talking outside of the circle with a certain young french female known intimately by both the Prince and the RA. Enough said refer to rules #1 and # 2.

And of course  1 Sir drinks all Sirs drink- welcome to the group Sir Blackie.

DD to the BU for literally having  the biggest torch ever seen at the Hash. It resembled those huge spot lights used by the Germans to spot bombers at 20,000 ft over the Rhine.

A TV reference to cyclists as the cockroaches of the road and MAMILs  – Middle Age Men In Lycra resulted in Caustic Crusader taking a DD for the team.

INDUCTION of Blackie in a fitting ceremony Sword and all that would make Her  Maje proud.

NEXT WEEKS RUN Ferret at Christine Av Burleigh Waters. Park behind the library.

The night was dragging on so Moonbeams shut things down End of Circle!

That’s it see you next week

On On

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