August Splinter Lunch

What do 24 hashers do for winter fun in August under a summery GC sun ?

They go to splinter lunch, and the choice of this month’s hare was Toscani’s in Surfers Paradise just a stubby throw from the beach. The early arrivals , Sir AH and Moonbeams continued the negotiations with the host in the absence of the hare and jagged no corkage and cheap starter garlic twist bread for all. Well done, guys.

Some hashers thought they would check out the possible after party venues over an ale or two before lunch and the before party turned out to be a case of Boys on the Avenue.

To kick off the proceedings the Hors de Excellence Degustation Gold Medal was presented to the this month’s hare, VD by Flasher.

As the numbers continued to trickle in, it was a bit like Noah’s Ark where hashers would arrive in pairs and over their first drinks compare their bus trips in along the GC Highway demilitarised zone.

As mains arrived, there was certainly plenty of variety including a lobster dish served out of a teapot to Rug and Ferret as well as more conventional meals such as steaks, spaghetti and pizza. Speaking of Pizza who as we know never misses an opportunity to get a bargain.

Well at one stage he snuck off to do some shopping at the local souvenir store where he got a 2 for 1 thong deal. He assured all that it was the thongs you wear on your feet not put over your tackle.

The red wine loosened a few lips of a couple of the elder hashers who upon seeing some young nubile eye candy it began them reminiscing about their younger days when their libidos and erections were stronger !. Looks like they might be prospective punters to do the next Niagara on Viagra bike tour down the track when the hash finalises those details.

Slug was impressed by yet another GC splinter hash and remarked that they are starting to resemble the infamous Queensland lunches held while hashers tour various parts of the world. He was then told about the origins of the GC splinter hash during the Goa Interhash.

The usual collection for the would be millionaires club (lotto) was done by Circumference with Swindler remarking how refreshing it was to actually get change from his usual contribution.

Seeds, a visitor from Bathurst, up here to steal some of our winter sunshine said was not looking forward to returning to his cold home after such a wonderful week of hash entertainment provide by the GC hash.

Sir Rabbit gave his normal GM speech and encouraged all to attend next month’s splinter preferably in hash Splinter lunch clobber. He has a limited number of collector item maroon T -shirts for sale on a first in basis at a very reasonable price

As the afternoon passed and the accounts were finalised by some clever albeit simple innovation of each hasher settling individually with the restaurant. Plans were made for the after party drinks and the next instalment of splinter lunch during September which will be the Friday before the AFL Grand Final. Here’s hoping for another sunny day and fine fare. Check the website for details next month.

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