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  1. Ms Victoria Bitter (of Alice Springs)

    It has recently been brought to my attention that a Mr John Bell has given a character reference.
    I think all should be made aware of my knowledge of this man. Over the years,thanks to your correspondent Mr John Bell and his supposedly high quality principles , he and his cohorts have completely ruined the indigenous communities in the NT by attempting to con our young locals into thinking that they were spreading the benefits of athleticism while all they were doing were spreading the alcohol related problems associated with runners heading off into the sunset and never being seen again by their loved ones for sometimes days and weeks due to the combined factors of lost trails or no trails at all and over consumption of CUB produced beverages. So I will allow you to form your own opinion on the veracity or otherwise of the character of Mr John Bell and anyone he endorses.

  2. John Bell

    My name is John Bell and Robert de Castelland I started the Indigenous Hash House Harriers Project in Central Australia some years ago.

    We are in constant contact and i spoke to him this afternoon and he mentioned to me that his good mate Flasher was taking some flak from some misguided folk who think they know something about hashing (he actually called them Wankers). So I have contacted Flasher to re-assure him that the both of us are behind him and the whingers are just Wankers.

    John Bell

  3. Steve Monaghetti

    That comment doesn’t sound like my mate, Deek. Both Deek and myself have over the years done a few runs with Botany Bay Hash House Harriers as invited guests and they certainly ran well organised events irrespective of the weather. The guy in charge each week, I think he was called the Hare always made sure no one went off trail and all got home safely. I don’t remember any cop outs but always well organised runs.

  4. Leech & Leech

    To Web Master Botcho. Robert has just contacted us regarding his supposed posting on your web site. He is not happy!!
    After consulting with one of your members Rug an ex MI5 spy. I’m lead to believe that the person responsible for this comment is no other than the Hare himself Flasher.

    Before we proceed with charges and a lengthy court case might I suggest that you deal with him in house. Fancy calling fellow Hashers Wankers!!

    In our opinion he is totally out of order. I have also contacted your RA and he is more than happy to handle this situation in house. He has assured me that he will be dealt with next Monday night.

    We have heard that he is about to leave the country to avoid facing this charge.

  5. Robert de Castella

    I just read the G.C. Gourmet Hash report of last Monday night.
    The run being set by my old running mate Flasher.

    A severe weather forecast had been posted for Monday night and he had the temerity to choose a Pub Run knowing that Hash Cash would be very disappointed. However, he remembered last years committee had cancelled a run because of a bad weather forecast!

    Gutsy move Flasher!

    As always he listens to his fellow runners, one of whom told him to go out in the morning to set the run and another told him not to set a Live Run!! Unfortunately he followed their advice…don’t follow there advice again Flasher…wankers!!

    So the trail was completely washed out.

    Good to see that the R.A. became a live Hare AND SO HE SHOULD HAVE DONE as he is, after all, the R.A. and in typical Hash tradition he is totally responsible for the weather!!

    Looking at the photo’s, it looks to me that more than 60% of the pack headed straight to the pub without even trying to go for a run or walk…so it must have been a very popular event to the majority!
    Hope they gave him a high scoring as he bloody well deserved it!!


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