Run 1876

Run 1876
Location: Main Beach
Hare:Two Dogs

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The Two Dogs Super V8 Hash Run

The handicapping was complete and a staggered start from outside the Southport Surf Club saw the hashers leaving in waves with the those still not at the stage of needing knee replacements out of the blocks last.

The hashers ran and walked between the Super Car barriers and the light rail construction site.

After most hashers had crossed the finishing line Truck Tyres was seen starting the run in the wrong direction. Go figure?

First order of business was an important announcement from Show Pony the Booze Master. He announced that there was a reversal of the decision by Swindler the acting Booze Master and all drinks were now $3. The Pony had spoken. This announcement was considered to be of much greater importance than the abolition of the Carbon Tax and was accepted with a lot of nodding and comments like “well done Pony” and “about f……… ng time”.

Show Pony having a good sense of diplomacy and politics failed to mention that the $3 beers were from Aldi and imported from obscure countries in South America.

The nosh was a hierarchy responsibility but the GM making a rare appearance had decided to impress by going for a solo production of ham burgers aka hash burgers. Butter for the bread roll? Sorry forgot but put on the mayonaise instead.

The GM called the circle to order. Two Dogs was called out to present the trophies.

First Prize went to Caustic who scored a backpack, cap and other valuable items.

Second Prize went to Rectum, on the edge of a complete emotional breakdown after being beaten by Caustic accepted with great humility a pair of binoculars. Very useful on Mt Tamborine for spying into the bedrooms of the Gold Coast.

Third Prize went to Veteran who was awarded a camel back water pack useful for ultra marathons in the Simpson Desert.

The walkers over achievers award went to Slug who received a bottle of red of doubtful quality. A walkers special mention went to Carefree who had left and gone home to watch 4 Corners. In his absence Blue Card was awarded a T Shirt advertising a local radio station. Two Dogs how do you get these rare and priceless items?

Latrine was back from a year in PNG building an ice cream factory. The worst year of his life capped off by the last manager who hated yanks. Welcome home Madam L.

Sir Blackstump was back with us after a successful but cold competition at the World Masters in England. 12th in the Run Swim Run event. Great effort!

Sir Prince was in trouble with the RA for always getting a DD and increasing the overheads of the booze master.

The POW awarded last week to Bent Banana could not find a suitable recipient as all the usual suspects would be away for 3 weeks in Myanmar and China. Bent Banana showing true leadership awarded the POW to himself. Where is Flasher when you need him?

Next weeks run by Lurch and Flatulence (maybe) to be held somewhere. Rest easy Ferrit has the Hare Line under control, well the jury’s out on that.

See you all in 3 weeks time when we get back from hash duty in  Myanmar. In my absence Bent Banana has kindly stepped up and will be the Hash Scribe.

HASH V8 Handicap 2013 – post race results


The Blonde is showing off her new tattoo of a giant seashell on her inner thigh.

Her friends ask her why she would get such a tattoo and in that  location.

She responds ‘It’s really cool.

If you put your ear up against it, you can  smell the ocean.’

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