Run 1878

Run 1878
Location: Paradise Point

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A roll up of 24 was very good considering all those absent cyclists weaving their way around Asia. It was a windy water-front gathering who was surprised to see some missing hounds back, including Ferret, whose overland trip was cancelled by a sister-in-law event. With the BBQ heating up and a full compliment, the run actually got off before 6:15 pm.

The Run: It was off south along Bayview St. to an eventual false trail. Most hounds headed west, but a suspicious looking Two Dogs held back and after a while headed East down along the Broadwater, then through the grounds of a large apartment complex and a pleasant jog around the boardwalk surrounding a deep-water marina.

It was then back west to the tarmac and a long stretch, better served by the visiting V8s (or missing Rectum) than us ageing athletes. It eventually led to another false trail, which in its simplicity confused many seasoned runners, where it also seems our beloved acting GM came to grief; never being seen again on the run.

Eventually the trail led to the outskirts then through the Conservation Park where Dogs and Shetland guided the remnants of the pack through, to end up on Oxley avenue. Another check west of Oxley and a miscalculated guess by all led us back north, which actually should have been south.

Time was up for several who decided enough was enough and they headed back which cut 5 mins off the trail. It was a well marked trail, big arrows, plenty of them and all  but a couple on the LHS as stated by the hare. No checks but good use of false trails and our Indy monitor reported it was 9.71 klms in length. All runners back under the hour; just!

The Nosh:  Much more than last week. It was very tasty and bulky meat patties on very fresh bread rolls with the usual accompaniments. Care Free was the acting kitchen bitch and there was plenty to go around, despite the fact there were many more runners than expected. The dessert of real trifle and custard followed later. Yes the burgers were up there with Josephine’s standard, with a few stating they were actually better!

The Circle:      Miscarriage was straight into it as usual , with DDs:

Rug, the ex spy, just back from visiting several countries connected with the current diplomatic upheaval over phone tapping, eminating from USA, where Rug spent most of his time.

Latrine, for cosying up so close to the German tourists last week and linking them up with our acting GM who felt sorry for them and gave them some work. Only to discover later, after generous cash payments and heaps of beer for a days clandestine work on the Beaudesert abo site, that they inadvertently sabotaged his water hydrant (repairs $500).

Lurch, pretending to be a black and white minstral, but even with his strange Tshirt to fit the part, he could not sing.

Caustic, Croc and Looneybeams, for not supporting hash booze, after spending all their cash on $7 stubbies at a nearby watering hole. Shame!

Flatulence, finally, the Hare of the evening who did an excellent job, with scores of 8 for the run and 8 for the food. I noticed Caustic, next weeks hare,  visibly trembling and discounting these scores in the knowledge that the spot light will now be on him to perform.Mr. Lee and Carefree, popular recent supporters who will be leaving this week.

Botcho, Mr. Nice Guy, who has accomplished 900 runs with GCHHH. ”well done” cried the crowd.

 POW:  Rock Hard had several candidates but selected Rug for his recent spying/phone tapping activities.

As the ceremony concluded an old hasher “Opium” joined in, having heard the noise from his mother’s nearby residence. He was remembered by Sir Blackie, Sir Rabbit and Two Dogs and no doubt remembered by others overseas. Apparently his name has something to do with slow acting dope, but he now could easily pass for a Clive Palmer lookalike.

Next weeks run will be from Frascott Park at Varsity Lakes, with hare Caustic and his apprentice Lurch. Caustic indicated that all should look forward to a real “gourmet” meal.

Moonbeams declared the circle closed at 8:25 pm.

Thanks a lot Flatulence.

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