5 thoughts on “The Deserters

  1. KB

    It is an absolute disgrace that these individuals use the name of Hash to cover their ways…….
    Note the following!!!!!
    Peter Foster has made the headlines scamming poor elderly trusting individuals and openly states the judge can stick his sentence up his clacker as he has left the country in some form of disguise and hiding overseas with millions….. Operating under some other name the press says!!!!! Shat appears to be one of his common pseudonyms with millions of dollars and a questionable alibi for most activities…

    The other most obvious question has to be the recent crack down by Qld and federal police on the bikies of the Gold Coast with most OMCGs going to ground and meeting in strange places to share the spoils of their ill-gotten gains … clearly for this group it only a matter of time before all is revealed… Sir Prince as Sgt at arms of the HHHash Angels …. clearly a means of adjusting the tatoos from HELLS to HHHash with the stoke of a needle… patching over and wearing a new set of colours as depicted in this undercover shot taken the MI6 agent that has infiltrated this gang!!!!
    Be warned Hashers this is serious shit …. you too could have your bike crushed, your house searched and all your blue pills confiscated….
    Take care and DO NOT be fooled by the disguised body profiles of this lot .. they are a highly tuned bunch of very tough characters not to be messed with…. So GCHHH have engaged the services of both Leach and Leach along with a VERY strong connection to the Italian mafia..

    On On

  2. GC Hash Godfather

    I spy 14 absent GC hashers which divided by 2 equals 7 , just about the right number for each committee for the next 2 years. As they will all be refreshed from their tours they should be ready for the challenge of 52 weeks of hashing locally. Thank -you for your nominations.

  3. Caustic

    I agree with Sir Blackie they should have a “special levy” to fill in the Black-Hole

    What does everyone think to a $50 yellow or possibly a green note Special Levy for these offenders

  4. Bent Banana

    I feel sorry for all those in the photo. Well maybe all but a few. The poor bast..ds are not going to share in the multi million dollar lottery success following this week’s Splinter Lunch.

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