Run 1889

hash golf day

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Run 1889
Location: Evandale
Hare: Nasty, Shat and Kwakka

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The acting Booze Master Truck Tyres took off on the run with no regard for those who may return before him with an almighty thirst. Not to put too finer point on things no one on the run was such a welcome sight as Truck Tyres limping in at 7.15 to open the bar.

Once again our Honorable GM Now Loved was MIA and the self appointed acting GM for the night was Sir Black Stump.

First item on the agenda was a naming for Manny Palma who has been a guest runner for a number of weeks. Blackie was in fine form when he gave Manny Palma the Hash name Fanny Charmer. I can see a few nick names coming up.

Moonbeams thanked everybody for their messages and support during his recent stint in hospital.

We had a special hash visitor Darwin Don from Sydney. What an inspiration. He has just competed in Italy in the Masters 1500 metres for his age group – OVER 90.

Caustic described the run as only Caustic could describe the run – piss poor run with poor trail marking.

Link scored the run a 3.5 out of 5 for no apparent reason.

Sir AH and Jigsaw were called out for trying to get a discount from the Hash Cash with their seniors cards. If that was going to fly half the members would get a discount. Lurch also joined them for paying the nosh fee with $15 in small coins. His excuse was that is the way Come Smoke pays him.

Sir Rabbit took some stick over Rabbits Radio at Pizzey Park however he swears it has nothing to do with him. Somebody is rabbiting on.

Two visitors this week Paul a guest of Nasty  and Dusty also a guest of Nasty we think. Speaking of Nasty still no sign of him or the Nosh at this stage. What a debacle.

Sir Prince reported the RA was an alien in New York. He had managed to go on a hash run and it was so cold his feet were frozen in a puddle. Apparently this was followed by an RA debacle when he had to change his tickets for the return flight. His 3 children are stranded in the US while he is somewhere between the US and Australia.

The AUSTRALIA DAY RUN will be at Mt Tamborine partners welcome lunch and cricket $5 BYO. Click here for details

The POW was passed on by Caustic to our newest member Fanny Charmer. He didn’t deserve that. Welcome to the Hash Fanny Charmer.

Moonbeams proudly called End Of Circle.

Finally the Nosh and Nasty arrived. Not on time but on budget. Aldi gourmet meat pies and Deb mashed potato followed by frozen cheese cake cut up with a chain saw. Best quote of the night from Nasty “I can’t believe there are pies and cheese cake left over”

Next weeks run will be from somewhere and will be next Monday.


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