Run 1893

Run 1893
Location: Labrador
Hare: Josephine & Sir Rabbit
Runners: 37

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The nosh proceedings were delayed due to a total lack of preparation by Sir Rabbit who had underestimated the large turnout and at the last minute needed to go searching the gold coast for some additional bread to go with the chilli con-carne. By 8.15 there was rebellion in the ranks and Kitchen Bitch unable to stand his ground faced with a mob of hungry hashers gave in and started serving sans bread. Finally the bread arrived and made a great additional course.

At 8.40 the GM called up the circle but was having trouble getting the group to circle up and show some GM respect. The joint hares were called out  – Point Two and his staff of Josephine and Sir Rabbit. Josephine had been subcontracted to set the run and just in case anybody had forgotten he was sporting last year’s trophy for run of the year and had promised that this year’s run would be up to the same standard. Circumference reckoned the run was alright but it went for more than an hour. Fanny Charmer in an attempt to ingratiate himself said it may well be the run of the year. Two Dogs didn’t have much to add but scored it an 8.5. The RA was particularly impressed by the international markings which had been adopted to set the run with none of the unofficial versions sometimes used.

All the Sirs got a Down Down to keep Sir Rabbit company and as Sir AH was missing, the RA called out Missing Link as a look alike substitute for Sir AH which seems like grounds for a strong objection from Sir AH next week. Kitchen Bitch brought a charge of email abuse on Flasher when it was Be Kind to Flasher Month “little did he know what was to be unleashed in the following days”.

The RA had spotted a few usual suspects as being at the head of the food queue in the absence of the nosh master, Dicky Knee, Lurch and Pile Driver.

Sir Prince was singled out for a social misdemeanour and sign of old age, when instead of staying on at a function to celebrate his son’s engagement he went home early for a nanny sleep.

Returning runners for this week, Swollen Colon, Jigsaw, Point Two, Loco and Pile Driver.

The POW was proudly presented by last week’s recipient Rock Hard to Flasher for running over an Onback and calling the pack forward into tiger country. You did not deserve that Flasher especially as it is be nice to Flasher month and you are going to be away for two weeks of that month overseas.

Next Week’s run will be set by Shat and for something completely different he will be setting it from Budds Beach outside his front door.

Moonbeam was in fine form and good health called End Of Circle.


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This is for the Golfer who thought he has everything!!!

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