Run 1908

Run 1908
Location: Bundall
Runners: 47

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This scribe is now “yesterday’s man”. In a strange twist of fate although the baton has passed I still find myself penning the last few words. I have been struck down with an acute case of “writer’s block”. This may be due to suspected bad wine supplied by the hierarchy at the AGPU. It seems while I only had one or two glasses I was feeling very poorly the next day.

I will be brief.

For the record let me welcome in the new hierarchy:

Grand Master: Kitchen Bitch

Religious Adviser: Caustic Crusader

Hash Cash: Sir Slab

On Sec: Swindler

Trail Master: VD

Booze Masters: Rock Hard & Slug

Hash Flash: Hard On

The new RA has done nothing to ingratiate himself with the old hierarchy. Only five minutes after being anointed what does this new religious zealot do but ice all the outgoing hierarchy! The man has no respect.

One day a Rooster the next day a Feather Duster!

Finally best wishes to the new man with the keyboard – Swindler. No doubt with his well-known management capacity he will quickly surround himself with assistant scribes to do the work.


On On

Blue Card


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2 thoughts on “Run 1908

  1. Bent Banana

    I enjoyed reading the 2014 Year Book. All good comments from the heart.
    A big thank you to Botcho, a non-committee man, who found time to put it together.

  2. Flasher

    Congrats to the new committee.
    Should be a good year as long as the GM keeps the reins tight on Caustic Crusader, otherwise we’re all going to have very cold arse’s!!

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