Run 1911

Run 1911
Location: Highland park
Hare:Blue Card & Carefree
Runners: 33


  • VD reported safe in the Tower of London
  • Shat’s upgrade to first class on recent flight to Europe fails
  • Flasher finds his passport to get away on another mercy mission to Thailand
  • Kwakka and Now Loved relax in the South of France

Note: Please read words and view carefully as again next week a question will be asked by the GM in the circle about these words and clue to see who is the most observant GCGHHH.

 Run 1911 with Blue Card

Promoted by Blue Card as the First and Best Bush Run of the Year.

A large group of 32 athletes circled under the gum trees as GM called the rabble to order. All could see that Blue Card had now lifted the bar on the Gourmet Hash as we watched this huge piece of prime meat slowly rotated over glowing coals lit by the lights of the nearby Hash trailer.

The pre-run briefing from Blue Card was non existant except for the few mumbled words …“walk down there and find some toilet paper and keep going”

The GM had failed to ask for a run briefing from the real Hare Carefree who as a very experienced hasher had spent many hours teaching Blue Card on the real techiques of laying the trail with interesting signs.


Our GM sent the group on their way at 6.16 again with his signature words “ good luck finding the trail’ as hemoved back to the keep warm near the glowing coals with a nice red.

He then was overheard saying “I just love the Hash and the great exercise we get”. Yes our GM is a real athelete!!

After last weeks Best Run of the Year ( debatable!!!) followed by the heavily promoted Best Nosh of the Year this was looking a hard act to follow by Hare Blue Card.

The Run Warm Up

Yes… Some hashers actually do stretching before they run


Guess who this resembles?

The Run


Are these some new hash markings?

Hare Blue Card and Co-Hare Carefree spent most of the day laying what was supposed to be the trail of the year.


Leading the runners down the timber pathway though the bush as always was Botcho followed closely by Fanny Charmer, Aussie , Rectum ,Full of Shit , Rockhard ,Two Dogs ,Iceman ,Lifeline Lurch ,Jospehine ,Truck Tyres and Co. They suddenly seemed to find themselves at the bottom of the driveway to where they had just arrived for the run. Was the run over so quickly ?? or was this another debacle !! not a good start.


On On was then called and the group all moved up the first of several hills to find most of the trail but as all arrived back well under time it is suspected (in fact certain) that although they did do the full run it was far too short for this standard of Hash athletes.


The effort was put in by the Hare for this run ..a special Free Birthday drink stop for Blue Card. Poor No Friends Carefree who manned this easy to find drink stop was left standing like a stale bottle of the proverbial piss as he waited for those few runners and walkers to arrive at the location ..well done Hare Blue Card for organising this drink stop with free crownies!!

Yes..These words say it all …direct from Run Critic Rectum and well said by a very experienced hasher!!………….. “An excellent run that was well laid out by a true professional Hare,lots of markings and those that got lost obviously made no effort to find the trail..BUT too bloody short”

Rectum reported the run as far too short and very easy so we are not sure why he didn’t do it twice as he usually does? Was he scared on missing the food?? Yes..33 minutes is too short for this little champion!!

Two Dogs reported no regoups as a big run failure !! .. Future Hares please note as it is important to learn from these comments by from these experts hashmen.

 The Walk


Q: Why is this walking hasher be able to climb to the top of the stairs?

Although the walking group is getting slower as most of these geriatics have made little effort to move away from the Nosh and Booze area in the past weeks,we were surprised to see such a large group this week leave the comfortable surrounding and warm fire. What a brave but patethic bunch of Hashers.!!

 Again we see the those ex runners Bent Banana ,Caustic, Sir Rabbit ,Prince Valiantrunner_prince, Jigsaw, Miscarriage join the ranks of the dedicated professional walkers. Are they now permanent walkers??

The dedicated professional walkers Hard On, Seedy , Caygee, Glen M, Slug , Weekly, , Cumspoke ,Show Pony, Ferrett & Swindler all moved out a brisk pace. Most quickly faultered at the second hill and slowly limped back to the warm fire and smell of burning meat.    

The Nosh

“Voted the Best Bush Spit Roast Nosh of the Year so Far”

As promised by the GM Kitchen Bitch the gourmet in now back into hash.

What another great feast by the last years ex-Hierarchy Hash On Sec – Blue Card after some of the recent Nosh debacles during his year of power.


THE Best Bush Spit Roast Nosh so far this year.

Well done BLUE CARD for doing all the work with no outsourcing. ..a very professioanl effort that helped to make this a memorable night of high quality HASH nosh.


  • Homemade French Pumpkin Soup with a dollop of Cream and fresh parsley
  • Prime Angus Rump Beef slowly cooked for 4 hours over glowing coals served with baked vegetables, mushroom gravy and sour dough breads
  • Hot Apple Crumble Pie served with hot custard

Resident food CriTic CUMSMOKE, Who as we all know is A very inexperienced expert on Spit Roasting:

“all food cooked to perfection.chicKen was perfect”…yes , CUMSMOKE is real authority on Spit Roasting of Prime beef.



Again the GM appeared resplendent in full GM attire with Hash Chains, Katmandu Hat and the Moses Staff.

DD to:

  • Returning Runners & Visitors Miscarriage, Big Daddy Miscarriage, Caygee , GM Glen
  • Warriors Bikie Cycle Group for wearing those magic blue vest complete with club badges; Seedy, Caygee, Jigsaw , Glen GM
  • GM kindly took a DD for unbecoming behavior


Welcome Induction of a new member Dustin “Floppy Dick” Williams who is a friend of Nasty (looks like Nasty has more friends that we thought)

Thanks to our Lifeline Lurch our new HHHHaberdashery, Floppy Dick now has a full wardrobe of hash shirts, has completed 400 runs and attended Interhash in Borobudur ..well done Lifeline Lurch for your expertise in outfitting Floppy Dick so quickly.

Welcome Floppy Dick to Gold Coast Gourmet Hash and join in the fun as often as you can.




Given by Jigsaw to Fanny Charmer for forgetting his Hash family and mixing with the big knobs at the recent Mudgeeraba Show. Can you believe Fanny Charmer was selected as the judge of Miss Mudgeeraba? He obviously has hidden talents and we suspect that he is aptly named!!


The Icing



It seems that Miscarriage deserved those words from Caustic and the icing due to his failure to attend the AGPU and disappear overseas before the Hash event of the year. As always for last year’s Hash debacle “blame stops at the top”

Yes…as the GM continues to advise Icings now only for the MOST serious of offences and what can be more serious than the failure of a Hierarchy Member not attending the AGPU.

I can say that close up this photo above is nothing like the sight that fellow hashers where subjected to when we were forced to watch this horrific rear end event after Miscarriage got off the ice.

Report by GM


Our new GM wants to be known as a “Man of the GCGHash”.

He promises to be kind, attentive and all inclusive. His mission will be “to offer support for all Hares to create great runs and great walks followed by Gourmet food that he will personally supervise”

……………………….is this man a realist or is he just trying to get out of exercise on the pretense of helping others!!!

GM advised next week run will by Miscarriage ..Luckily Miscarriage was present tonight to find out this news!!

End oF CIRCLE …….by Show Pony @ 9.02 pm



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