Run 1949

Run: 1949



Hares: Jigsaw

Runners: 27





POW   Missing

Is this the Missing POW?

Man hands ‘penis’ into Surfers Paradise police station

A man has handed to police at Surfers Paradise what he claims to be a severed human penis. The man, who has not been identified but was wearing a Gold Coast Hash T-Shirt, delivered the alleged member to Surfers Paradise police station, on the Gold Coast, in a plastic bag this morning. He said that his neighbor’s dog found it at Bundall Road , which is about 1km north-west of Surfers Paradise “Police called the ambulance service who inspected the contents and agreed it appeared to be some form of hardened matter that could be a penis,” a police spokesman said today.

“But we are not positive and it is now being taken to a nearby medical facility to be inspected.” First we have to establish if it is human and if it is obviously the investigation will widen from there.” He said that the tissue appeared to have been recently severed. They are now investigating a highly credible report that the GCHHH has it POW missing.

Video of Jigsaw’s Run Instructions

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27 hashers once again waited for the run information from Jigsaw

As you can see from the video the explanation given is by a super-cool and confident Jigsaw. Did he suspect that this was to be the run of the year after his last abysmal attempt?

He gave directions “go that way” which was in the exact opposite direction as to what was expected.

The Run

The Runners were led out by 2 Dogs , Brewtus, Botcho and Bent Banana closely followed by the Walkers led by Shat , Blue Card and Kwakka. Once again it only seemed like only a few weeks ago we were at this location or were we?

The runners and walkers took off up the road with once again the On On called by Sir Rabbit on the Hash bugle.

First back was Sir Prince Valiant who needed a coldie after the long run. He reported that Iceman was missing somewhere on the trail.


Josephine reported it was a well-marked run with lots of chalk and a very good run. This is not what he actually said but we think that this was what he meant by saying “what was he thinking?”

2 Dogs as always providing highly accurate information advised that the run was total of 7.5Km in 54 minutes (a so called 7 minute mile??) and he did note that Flasher once again took a 4km short cut.

The detailed instructions and well-marked trail resulted in a total run success and not the usual Fu###@@ up.

Well done Jigsaw for excellent run in the local area where many runs have occurred. Bent Banana was heard to comment that he went down some interesting new tracks for the first time.

The Run Finish

Once again a tight finish with Brewtus, Bent Banana, Josephine, 2 Dogs, Ballpoint and Botcho in with the first group of returning runners. Due to the well-marked trail and good location no one was lost and within 60 minutes all runners were back to the trailer waiting for Jigsaw to return with post run snacks.

The Walkers

Blue Card supported by his Warrior mates Kwakka and Shat reported that it was an excellent walk and for the first time that a walk had been actually well marked. Once again Fuller-shit did the walk guided by Hard On and Weekly!

The European Nosh by Chef Jigsaw


At last week’s Italian nosh, Jigsaw decided to put in maximum effort to compete with Ex Mamma Mia Chef Kwakka who looked set to take the pole position for last week as Nosh of the Year.

As we can see from the happy look on Miscarriage’s face as he devoured the pre-nosh snacks this was shaping up to be a first class Nosh.


Jigsaw advised that a large amount of pre hash food preparation was involved with top quality food, food quantity, presentation with a lot of in preparing another European feast.The Nosh had been produced as a result of his many years of experience in Europe as a leading chef in some of Europe’s finest restaurants.


Will this be the Nosh of the Year?

Grand Master Kitchen Bitch obviously very impressed at the quality and volume of the Nosh inspected each dish to once again ensure an unbiased opinion.

Ballpoint took over from Resident Food critic Rug and personally inspected and then reported on each dish in great detail and gave some very interesting comments. As a food connoisseur of some note after his recent Nosh performance his comments were taken as very complimentary and it was a very positive with THUMBS UP for a great nosh by Jigsaw!!

The European Nosh Menu

  • Spanish bean dip with copious quantities of toasted wafers
  • Homemade hot tomato soup sprinkled with something meaty.
  • European grilled sausages
  • Potato Mash cooked to perfection
  • Roasted carrots and fresh peas
  • Poached pears and peaches with ice cream Sensational

The GM advised that Jigsaw well and truly produced the Nosh goods and produced a Gourmet Nosh. But for sure it was well over budget so thanks Jigsaw.

Well planned and organised Jigsaw as the food was excellent with reported minimal outsourcing.

The Circle

RA Caustic once again immediately gave orders to the Booze Masters to prepare Ice for any major or more particularly minor misdemeanour. We see our RA testing the ice to ensure it was high quality and very cold.


10  5                 The RA quickly got the Nosh Chef & Hare Jigsaw into the circle for a detailed explanation of the run and nosh. Before he could proceed Jigsaw just gave up and sat on the ice!! For the first time in a living memory the RA was lost for words.


The group circled around the GM and Caustic while Jigsaw patiently sat on the ice. All in wonder at who would be next!!!

Then Botcho for no reason at all was the brunt of the RA and made to undergo the vengeance followed once again by Weekly for the reason of being there again.


The Circle frivolity was then abruptly interrupted by a disgruntled neighbour calling out from across the dark park to all and sundry “Shut the FU$#@ UP”

The RA was lost for words and took the advice of the not so friendly neighbour. The GM then continued the circle continued in a very quiet and dignified manner.

13Down Downs

  • Hard On and Swindler for 100 very fast walks.
  • Ballpoint for advising he was successful in his recent nocturnal activity after the Christmas cocktail party.
  • Iceman for not telling a joke.
  • Kurt the Ripper ( friend of Bent Banana ) for being visitor to our Hash


Useless Shirt – Missing

GM Report


Next week run by the GM himself.

The GM advised that his run the next week would rate as a …“Hash Night not to be missed”

At 9.18 after much laughter & frivolity it was the those familiar but very quiet words of Josephine ……… End of CIRCLE





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  1. Flasherwitz

    just to put the record straight Flasher did 7.677kms according to his GPS watch and was the first back with Bent Banana seconded!!
    Not that it is a race but I wish some of you c….s would keep up!!

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