Run 1975

Date: 7/9/2015

Location: Broadbeach

Hare: Ferrett


1975 cartoon


Tonight we had another “city run”….thanks to it being Ferrett’s birthday bash….so here we were in the wilds of central Broadbeach, with a run and walk guaranteed to have lots of bush and shiggy!! Not so funny actually as you will read later on…..

The Run:

We were all gathered at the northern end of Kurrawa Park tonight and present also was Caustic Crusader, who informed me that he was actually here spying on behalf of the newly formed southern Hash, aka “The REAL Gourmet Hash”, taking notes on how NOT to run a hash! Indeed…the audacity of the man!! He further informed me that there were five blokes running the southern Hash tonight and that we had better lift our game as there were likely to be many more defectors if this hash keeps degenerating in its already pathetic standard!!…apparently “numbers are growing!”. An old adage comes to mind…never let the facts get in the way of a good story!

 I have been given some feedback that the words are too long at times…so….here goes….the run description…fuck knows, because I didn’t do it and I couldn’t be stuffed asking anybody what it was like and as I walked tonight, who gives a toss about the run anyway???

The walk was a splendiferous one indeed, and in fact it did have all the elements that one would not expect to find in a city walk…there was shiggy, thanks to the construction site at Jupiter’s Casino, there was bush, again thanks to Jupiters, who have lovely overgrown tropical gardens which we had to traverse as we exited the construction zone where we shouldn’t have been in the first place and the company of my fellow walkers was lively and entertaining. We took turns leading the walk and Weekly even took a turn as chief marshall of the walkers at one stage.

For a night done “solo” by Ferrett with no helpers, it was a good walk…the run?… factor?…zero!! But I must add the comment by Josephine….”it seems we only did this run last week!!” and somebody came up with the response..”why waste perfectly good arrows!!”

The Nosh:

For his birthday nosh Ferrett provided us with a feast, a veritable feast!! For a warm up there were FREE CROWNIES….when he found out about this, Hard On was heard to say..”fuck, you mean I just paid for the free beer??”

Entrée consisted of a giant bowl of dip….the thick bits were down the bottom, and the top was a bit, well…sloppy would describe it adequately. The corn chips were nice, but the carrot and celery slivers (for those of on the SRS diet) were much appreciated…and those mini Roma tomatoes were very sweet indeed.

Mains consisted of a quite mild beef vindaloo with dahl and rice. Dessert were three birthday cakes…Happy Birthday FERRETT!!!

 The Circle:

The GM has re-appeared!!!…and immediately brought the hare Ferrett out the front for birthday wishes and a well deserved down-down for a great nosh and a decent run and walk. All done with no help. Onya Ferrett!

Brewtus described the run as “a good street run and a great sprint down the beach!”.

The other birthday victims were hauled out the front…Fullershit and Jigsaw and they were interrogated as to their discourtesy in not providing free Crownies for their fellow Hashmen…and with Weekly observing “we’ll have Crownies until well into next year!”…assuming that the birthday lads actually get around to complying with traditional customs.

Our esteemed RA brought several hashers out the front in quick succession on several well justified charges, including VD for being brainless, errr…sorry…hat-less!, KB for coming to the hash solely with the intention of spying for the renegade southern Hash, and Lurch being dragged out the front just so he could stay awake during proceedings!

The Useless shirt went from Brewtus to…of course, you guessed it…yet again…TRUCKIE!!…and of course to make things worse for himself, he kept his hat on during the down-down and copped another one…how many times have you been dragged out the front Truckie?? You’d think he’d learn by now.

Prick of the Week went to Arse-Up this week. Why? So he attends next week!!

Notable by his absence yet again this week was Miscarriage and of course Sir Prince Valiant had yet another interesting tale to tell of yet another Miscarriage debacle…this time to do with screwing up some flight bookings! I’d hate to see what he does once dementia starts to set in if he is doing all this as a relatively young bloke with an allegedly sound mind!

The GM ended the circle with a reminder that the night of the 28th September, being the knighting of several hashers, will be a REAL EXTRAVANZA…medieval attire will be compulsory, and it will be $20.00 for “the works”!!

Next week’s run…yawn, yawn….a BTB (that’s “back to basics”) run in yawn, yawn…Len Fox Park at Labrador.

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