Run 1977

Date: 21/9/2015

Location: Main Beach

Hare: Carefree and the Wobblys


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“Welcome gentlemen to the second great snaykunt…this year we will be successful…we will catch this slimy bastard who’s probably grown to twice the length he was last year!”…or words to that effect were uttered by our faithful hare for tonight, young Mr Carefree and with the familiar sounds of “on on”, off headed the motley pack of runners into the wilds of the Main Beach headland, where as has become the trend for hares setting runs in familiar territory… “there’s plenty of virgin territory out there guys…and don’t drown in the ocean!!”.

Gracing our presence tonight as visitors we had Bent Banana’s son-in-law, Mr D, down from Brisbane for a visit, along with his mate Nick the Greek, who is actually an Italian and whom yours truly, being able to do this as he is one himself, quickly anointed him with the honorary Hash name of “Wog C##t”!

The summation of the run was given by Bent Banana…..”it could have been a good run but some young blokes were rubbing out all of the arrows and we were all running around like chooks with our heads cut off”.

 The Run (and walk):

Your trusty scribe did neither the run nor the walk tonight due to a f##ked leg, but I am assured that the run tonight was a decent one, albeit one in well-known territory with no hills but most blokes thought it was good fun and a chance to have a leisurely, social time with each other….and after all, isn’t that what it was all about? Unfortunately the boa-constrictor wasn’t found tonight…maybe we’ll have to wait until the great snaykunt next year!

The walkers all ambled in in small groups, chatting amongst themselves in a very animated fashion, obviously also having had a good time…how far was it to the bar at the Southport surf club???

The Nosh:

The Nosh tonight was a corker if I do say so myself, but then I guess I am a bit biased, having been responsible for the mains curry! …the Nosh was a joint effort provided to you by four of your Warriors Premier Cycling Troupe….Carefree as chief maitre d’ and yours truly, Hard On and Moonbeams as sous-chefs. Entrée was “Little Boys”….known to me as frankfurts (but then I did grow up in the multi-cultural eastern suburbs of Sydney), with lashings of tomato sauce, mains was a beef and potato curry with basmati rice and Kumera and other assorted sides, all very tasty indeed! To top it all off we had individual servings of jelly and custard…great stuff Carefree, you’ve done the Warriors proud!

The Circle:

The GM has now departed on his business-class around the world trip…definitely a case of snout in the trough…thankfully it is not the Hash Hierarchy trough!! The very capable Sir Prince Valiant stood in tonight and did an admirable job of it, as one would expect from a Hasher with such a wealth of experience.

First out the front tonight were Carefree and his sous-chefs and a down-down was had after some much-deserved praise to us from everybody in the circle. We love youse all!!!

Caustic remarked in circle that at one stage he saw Colonel Klink out in the bush wrestling with a small snake, obviously not the much sought after Boa Constrictor! Apparently Klink managed to get the snake under control and he was seen to be secreting it into his clothing!

Next out the front were Mr D and Wog C##t, our two visitors…I’m sure that whilst they had a look of mild amusement on their faces, Wog C##t in particular was thinking.. …”wtf..this is so fucking weird!!”. I guess some of our little rituals can seem a tad weird to outsiders.

Next out for his dose of embarrassment was Botcho….happy birthday….69!!!…you don’t look a day over 40!!….and thanks for supplying the free Peronis…hooray for Botcho!!!

Next out the front for a down-down were Swindler, Hard On and Shat…for eating Botcho’s birthday cake before bringing it to Hash!! Thanks guys!!

Next in line for their dose of ridicule were Swollen Colon and Aussie…it was noted that the reason Swollen Colon cannot hash outside of his postcode of 4217 is that he has no licence…a paltry excuse!! Aussie told of his escapades in Greece and other far-flung places…and yes, he’s off again soon and won’t be seen for ages…this also accounts for his resignation from hierarchy.

As per usual, Flasher was brought out and made to eat humble pie for…you guessed it….shortcutting! Sir Slab and Carefree were brought out for a “hats in circle” infringement.

Various miscellaneous charges came from the floor and then we moved onto the Useless Shirt award…again Truckie has forgotten to bring it along to Hash and serious consideration is being given by Hierarchy to awarding it in perpetuity to Truckie…how fitting…perpetually useless!!!

Prick of the Week this week goes from Miscarriage to none other than…Iceman!!…yeah, down, down, down it goes!!!

Oh…and thanks Sir Rabbit for sharing some of that lovely red wine tonight!!


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