Run 2005

Run 2005

Run: 2005


Location: Broadbeach Waters

Hares: Sir Blackstump

Hashers: 17

Sir Blackstump’s Easter Bunny Run from Albert Park, Broadbeach Waters was attended by the hard core bunch of hasher’s who were not on Easter vacation.  The run numbers would have been boosted by Blue Card had it not been for the 5 pm start.  In his words, when he rolled up in good time for the usual 6–15 pm walk he was astounded to see everyone on the piss before the event.  Sir Blackstump announced that it would be a 2K walk and a 4 K run, much to the delight of those still suffering from the effects of over indulgence in Easter fare.

The trail followed the usual route through the dog park to Monaco Street heading towards the Gold Coast Highway only to descend down one of the side streets leading South.  After a few hundred metres Flasher, who was on trail, checked left into a long dead end giving fellow front-runners Sorry & Brewtus the opportunity to romp home in under 30 minutes.

The home trail crossed the wooden bridge at the end of Poinciana Boulevard for a circle of the lake to take in the fine aroma of the rectal contents of the well-walked canines before arriving back at the car park.  With the hash trailer in poll position well before the run start and the tables & chairs claiming our territory, the scene was one of masterly organisation.

Although outsourcing to Helen was suspected, Sir Blackstump’s signature dish of Cheval Bolognaise was up to the usual high standard with the spaghetti cooked to al-dente perfection.  Apple crumble & custard was a good accompaniment followed by the Easter Bunny handing out the mini chocolate eggs.  At this point Sir Rabbit’s well trained ears stood erect in approval.  Wine sales were at an all time low due to the absence of Mademoiselle Latrine.

As usual, our super-efficient Boozemasters Weekly & Brewtus presented a fine selection of perfectly chilled beverages.  As our R.A. Sir Two Dog’s was missing your G.M. conducted the circle.  After complimentary run, walk & nosh appraisals Sir Blackstump was awarded for his well-organised run.  Bent Banana, in bare feet, having left his trainers at the Carrara mansion, completed the trail in a pair of Blackie’s deck shoes and was duly awarded for his forgetfulness.

Next out for memory problems was Blue Card who rolled up after the run thinking this was not a 5pm public holiday start time.  Circumference recalled his 5am phone call from Mademoiselle Latrine in Hawaii, in order to help his Filipino in-law, who was locked out of Latrine’s unit on Marine Parade.

Fuller Shit was called out for lubrication before he disappears off on yet another Australian adventure for several weeks.  Weekly promoted the Splinter Lunch on 1st April at Hot Rock Grill, 18 Hanlan Street, Surfers Paradise, and encouraged pre-ordering with him of the sharing fish platter for those interested.

In the absence of Moonbeam’s and Josephine, Sir Rabbit closed the circle for an early night home.

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  1. Fanny Charmer

    I must thank our esteemed GM for his words…well written and I am starting to think I may soon become redundant with all this other scribing talent lurking around. I apologise for not being at the run, but when you have a 5 day ticket to Bluesfest, you have to prioritise things! On on and thanks again GM Rug. FC

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