Splinter Lunch April 2016

April Splinter Lunch

Run: April Splinter Lunch


Location:Surfers Paradise

Host: Weekly

Bit of a April Fools joke really. March Splinter Lunch was held on 1st April. Another fun day out once again. It was great to see Baldie Benson and Woodies in attendance.

Our host for the day Weekly had inside information and pre ordered the sea food platter, looked great. I think that he may have fogotten to inform the Chef that we are the Gourmet Hash. The food was pretty ordinary.

That aside we all had a day of mateship, good wine and a few cleansing ales.

On On

Gordon Ramsay

ps: sorry Weekly! But Botcho told me that you never let the truth stand in the way of a good story


Hashers: 25



2 thoughts on “Splinter Lunch April 2016

  1. Madamioselle Latrine

    I have lots of time and respect for our esteemed Boozemaster (he’s my ride home from Boonah) but what was served up was a shocker. Blade STAKE soaked in Korean leftover plum wine juice. The prawns were OFF and I was able to coerce several Hashers (Phantom, VD et. al) not to consume them as they disintegrated as you peeled them as they had decomposed. The fries and salad were edible as was the sun soaked fruit salad (so I ate Phantom’s and VD’s and Rock Hard’s too). The only eye candy I saw was the Korean waitress with the blonde hair serving serving the sizzling shite.

    The upside was to see good camaraderie. Additionally, Sir Prince Valiant had brought along two of the GCHHH founding Hounds and Hares. World Class.

    This am, my bowel movement eradicated and etched itself into the porcelain enamel of the toilet bowl and the emancipated toxic discharge produced such a putrid stench that the exhaust fan shut down by its self producing such a toxic fissure that the building I was in had to be evacuated. Glad I didn’t consume those prawns!

    Sir Two Dogs had informed me the venue was one level above the street so I spent an hour traversing Hanlan St.

    What an arvo.

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