Run 2006

Run 2006

Run: Run 2006


Location:Burleigh Heads

Hare: Elvis

Hashers: 25

Gracelands, Gracelands, I’m goin’ to Gracelands….so goes the song by Paul Simon and thus was our fate tonight…down to the wilds of Burleigh Heads to Elvis’ stamping grounds….and for those of you familiar with Elvis’s runs, this was another of his “restaurant runs” from the Silver Thai restaurant, admittedly one of our favorite venues for such runs. Let it be said that the proprietor is just lovely, always welcoming us warmly and providing us with such a bloody good feed that quite honestly, we all love coming to Elvis’s runs!! How she does all of what she does for $15 a head is  beyond me, it really is. Unlike most other restaurants, when the empty plates are cleared here, she asks “would you like another plate of the curry?”…bloody marvellous!


Also, Elvis has now done I think three runs for us from this location during the tenure of this hierarchy, and I know that I speak not only for my fellow hierarchy, but for all of you in saying that we really appreciate what you do Elvis, in stepping into the breech at short notice to provide us with good runs through interesting territory and a bloody good nosh, combined also with little treats, like drink stops, but more of that under the run description.


The run:


The runners, numbering about twenty tonight,  all gathered outside the Silver Thai restaurant at 5-7 Tallebudgera Creek Road, at Burleigh Heads, where the owner very kindly offered to have her teenage son look after all of our beer, wine and bags whilst we all went off for our run/walk. On the dot of 6.15pm off we all headed, in an easterly direction off into the bush around Fleay’s sanctuary. As soon as we entered the bush, we spotted a small silver sedan with two occupants, this time innocently eating their takeaway, but earlier on, Elvis tells us that he caught them “at it” when he was checking that the run was still properly marked…the poor kids must have felt that they were jinxed, being disturbed twice, the second time by a bunch of old blokes yelling “on on” and blowing a plastic horn!!


Elvis assured us that the run was well marked and that unlike last time, when some of us went off trail following the Border Hash’s markings, this time the Border Hash had again been in the area and Elvis had taken the liberty of setting his run over their run, simply having to re-draw some of the faded arrows and washing off some of the ones he didn’t want to use. There were several re-groups that did work in keeping the rabble more or less together, although several Hashers obviously short-cutted at some places, primarily by following the walkers’ trail….true concern was shown by the group in which I was running and we kept yelling back for Iceman and Rug, all to no avail as they had obviously gone off trail and had decided not to stick with the pack. That of course is one of the downsides of running through well-known territory…these pricks know all the shortcuts! This became very obvious when we reached the drinkstop at the back of Elvis’ house as the stragglers were already there imbibing alcohol with great hilarity and good cheer! No way could they have gotten there before us without cheating!! Oh well, at least they left the cider that I enjoyed immensely! Elvis, this is a great touch, having a drink stop on the reserve behind your house and with your neighbours participating and being so hospitable to the Hash. You certainly live in a great neighbourhood!! Rare indeed is it to live in such a friendly community.  Up from  Elvis’ house we were greeted by a grumpy woman who said “that’s private property!”…but it turns out that Elvis had us running on land belonging to Boral and from the lack of fencing it is obvious that they don’t have a problem with people using it.


In all, this was a great run, well marked and with regroups and checks that made sense. All the Hashers running with or around me all said it was great and how amazing it is to have nice bush to run through and that you wouldn’t know we were in the middle of suburbia!


The Nosh:


The food at Silver Thai was great! I can only recommend that if you live in the area, this woman deserved to be well patronised and I am sure that we are all happy to support her on Monday nights when Elvis organises the runs from here.  Well done!!


It was nice to see KB turn up for the run…well, errr, just in time to sit down for the fine meal…then after the meal off out the front of the restaurant to show off his F-Type Jag…we all know it’s a work car….you lucky bastard!!!


The Circle:


Circle tonight was brief as the dinner was ready! Magician was asked to give a run report and said it was a fine run, but that Missing Link had done a “pansy run”…did he shortcut?? Magician also informed us that he is going to be running a half marathon in North Korea of all places…I would have thought that any westerner seen running in North Korea would be immediately shot on sight, so best of luck Magician! To this day, after more than two years of active Hashing, I am still gobsmacked by how much some of you blokes get around…which reminds me, where the hell is Slug???


First out for a down-down, the hare, Elvis, and again, thanks for a fine run and a great night overall!!


Sir Botcho had on a pair of brand new running shoes and needless to say they were christened with a down-down being consumed from one of them…I’ll bet the down-down was somewhat savoury in flavour, mixed with all that bloody Chinese liniment on Botcho’s calves….makes DencoRub smell like fine perfume!!


Flasher brought a charge against Iceman for getting him “off trail”….hahaha…surely you’re joking Flasher…you are the master of being “off trail”, off on your own little escapade….how could anybody possibly be an accomplice??? The response from Iceman was equally incredulous… “have you seen how fast I run?? He’s kidding!”


Swindler was brought out the front for…wait for it…occupying the seat always reserved for Sir Slab on flights…that’s right, he’s managed to wrangle getting seat 1A on a flight! A well deserved 5 seconds on the ice for that one Swindler!


Last one out for a final down-down, Elvis, for TWICE interfering with the cavorting youngsters in the back seat of their car.


Next week’s run…a combined effort between Pizza and Aussie, with an assurance that Aussie is doing the nosh….come on guys, let’s give Pizza a second chance and do him the courtesy of having a big roll out!

That’s all folks!!

Fanny Charmer

On Sec.


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