Run 2015…Hare: Slug

Run 2015

Date: 6/6/2016

Location: Miami


Hashers: 26

….and now for some non-fiction after last week’s fairy tale words!! Thanks for filling in for me Ballpoint, but you promised you’d actually turn up for the run to record events accurately….hmmm!!!

Well, tonight was a significant event as it was my last effort as your trusty scribe as next week it is the AGPU and it is all over red rover in my current role!! It’s been fun and all of that stuff…but on to the run……

Tonight was brought to you by none other than Slug, and in true form he set a cracker of a run according to those who did it…..more below…

The Run:

A hardy lot of runners turned up tonight on the windy shores of Miami beach, adjacent to the surf club and to be greeted by a pack of chanting backpackers whom I thought were invited guests to the hash, but it wasn’t to be…they were just some random weirdos who probably thought we were pretty bloody weird ourselves!

Anyway, soon after 6.15, off we all set, some on the run, but a decent number of us on the walk. The run, we were assured, was “long and interesting…about 7.5km”, to which many of us retorted with “fuck that…let’s just walk!”, which seems to be the normal reaction from a lot of us nowadays. Others, such as Missing Link, also reacted in this way, but decided to go off on his own mystery trail of about 4.00km and when questioned said “I wasn’t going to run 7.5km…I’m getting too old for shit like that…so I just ran down to Burleigh Surf Club and back…that will do me!”.

A whole heap of us set off in a southerly direction, following Slug’s instructions.. “those of you walking, just head towards Burleigh Surf Club and when you get tired just turn around and come back”…a significant number of us did that but I noticed that the closer we got to Burleigh, the fewer of us there were, until it ended up being just me, Rug, Sir Rabbit and Josephine who were anywhere to be seen!….the rest of the bludgers peeled off secretly and turned around….and we suspected that the lure of alcohol at North Burleigh Surf Club was just too enticing for the likes of Caustic and his crew!

The runners came back huffing and puffing and declaring that yes, it had indeed been a decent run….thanks therefore go to Slug on a good run/walk being set. Of course, with the coastal scenery to be had along this part of the coast, including views up to Surfers Paradise, you can’t go wrong…we do live in a wonderful part of the world!!

The Nosh:

Well, it just goes to show that the old adage is true…it’s the quick and the dead…by the time I got around to going over the food service area, there were no starters left to speak off and Hard Dick and myself had to pick through the remains of some corn chips that had been very generously left behind by the marauding hordes who had consumed everything in about 15 seconds flat. I do have it on good advice from some of the resident gluttons that the bikkies, guacamole, chipolatas and dipping sauce were very nice.

Mains was chicken schnitzel with roasted veges and ratatouille….some complained that there wasn’t enough but it was great and some of us went back for seconds of the veges and ratatouille, which is what was left. A great effort Slug!!….and thanks must also go to your helper, VD, who also slaved over a hot barbeque to assist in bringing us tonight’s delights.

Sweets consisted of an assortment of berries with dollops of ice cream…a nice ending to a fine nosh.

The Circle:

The GM opened proceedings by announcing that nominations for positions on the hierarchy are now closed and all positions have been oversubscribed, particularly those for the positions of booze-masters, which were heavily oversubscribed.

The run critique was provided by Botcho, who deemed it a good run and gave as his excuse for his tardiness…”I follow Hash traditions…no man left behind”…apparently staying back to help others find the way!! What a great bloke…cough, splutter, splutter!!  Josephine critiqued the walk…”a very nice walk”…and indeed it was, and he showed us his mum’s digs…a possible venue for a hash run perhaps??

Fullershit commented on the nosh…a very insightful and intellectually stimulating observation…”yeah, it was all ok!”…gee, thanks for the words of wisdom FoS!

First then out the front was Slug, our hare, followed in quck succession by his offsider tonight, VD, who was kitchen assistant. A well deserved down-down for your efforts guys.

Next out the front were Rock Hard and Blue Card, who came up with numerous lame excuses for failing to front on the bike ride on Friday morning…aww, too cold was it? Wimps!! Well, at least us road warrior wankers were out there in force, weren’t we Truckie and Missing Link??

Weekly our booze-master and refugee from Rotary, came out for a well deserved down-down for his 70th birthday…and where were the $1 crownies??? This will not be forgotten!

Truckie then had to suffer the humiliation of drinking a down-down from his brand new shoes.

Next on the agenda…the Prick of the Week was passed by way of a proxy to Weekly from Blackstump and awarded to Ferrett, for something to do with trying to extort money for the AGPU.

Next week….the AGPU!!!!!!!!!!…remember….it is A TAILS AND FORMAL SHIRTS NIGHT!!!

That’s all for this week folks….AND OTHER THAN IF I EVER DO IT AS A STAND IN, it’s good bye from me as ON SEC!!

Fanny Charmer …

On Sec.


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  1. Ball Point

    Marvellous effort once again FC, you’re a bloody champ!
    I gotta say, whenever I feel gloomy about the world with Labor trying to ruin me or Muslims wanting to kill me, the weekly Hash Trash you cough up always gets me pecker up. Onya mate!!!

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