Run 2019…Link & Fanny Charmer

Run 2019

Date: 4/07/2016

Location: Cascade Gardens

Hare: Fanny Charmer & Missing Link

Hashers: 28

On a mild mid-winter evening, the hares chose the familiar stomping grounds of Cascade Gardens Now even more Loved as a venue than the Labrador/Broadwater area.
(sorry Now Loved) for taking thy name in vain. There were three events – a run, a long walk and a short walk. Sir Two Dogs and Miscarriage lead the pack of ten on a run which apparently went N,S, E and W and in “virgin territory”. Rug lead a small group of ex-GM’s on the longish walk and re-grouped with the short walkers at Costa Madrid
Cantina otherwise known as Fanny Charmers driveway where Mrs Victoria Fanny served up a lovely sangria to the thirsty hashers. Flasher and Sir Blackie were on a run but as they were seen coming and going in different directions after the sangria, its effects may have kicked in quickly. The new Qld lockout laws were enforced at the drink stop to put an end to too many shots of sangria by one of our well known guzzlers to stop his irresponsible piss consumption.

Back at the venue where Cascade beer become the theme beer for the Cascade Gardens event, the hares had prepared cheese, chorizo and crackers for the hungry hordes of hashers who staggered home while watching 4 July fireworks for the USA’s famous day. A trio of European backpackers joined us during the period when happy hour price drinks were served. It wasn’t long before Sir PV had filled the coffers and the main nosh of Fanny’s Spaniard Balls and pasta were served and later on Missing Link’s strudels and custard and finally ice-cream after he busted through the child proof lock on the ice cream container.

It was then up to the Rotary International sign for the circle where Fanny C tried to ringbark a branch of the tree to improve his view of proceedings. Dicky Knee stated that the nosh was all good to me and it was his best meal of the week so far (still only Monday). Then it was time for Botcho’s moment in the dark when he received the trophy for the 2016 Hashman. Due to constant farting from the spicy nosh, Showpony was called out for a quick drink before he leaves us. AH keen to part with his curry receipe book donated it to Fanny C.

When the RA entered the circle in his Kraut helmet the European visitors were taken back a bit as they relived their grandfather’s stories about another mob of Europeans who were those helmets many years ago. Anyhow the 2 Swiss and 1 Belgian enjoyed a down down and were told they must now join or start a hash club when they return home.They seemed somewhat interested until later in the evening when a hash wearing the full POW clobber left them thinking what sort of encounter they had just experienced while holidaying in Cascade Gardens. Sir PV began a few stories about his workers including an eye witness account of paint spillage from Missing Link and workplace negotiations and lack of office decorum in Phantom’s dealing with his colleagues.

As it was USA Independence Day the Clayton’s Septic Tanks (Latrine and Dicky Knee) were called out for misdemeanours. Both had consumed a fair bit of piss by then starting off with Dicky Knee’s Kentucky Bourbon lunch and M’Latrine ‘s behaviour at the sangria drink stop. Rug gave MLatrine a test on his US knowledge about the signing of the American Charter of Independence.Apparently it was signed in ink not Philadelphia (cheese) which was the great punch line to the joke.

A carousel of candidates as possible POW’s began circling the tree like something from the Planet of Apes. The group included Miscarriage, Phantom ,Iceman, Dicky Knee and Nasty and the ultimate winner – M Latrine who become the first hasher to take the POW home on the light rail and in a smart move by Slug, giving it to next week’s hare.

The post election wash up included M’LatrineĀ  charging Circumference’s to explain if his employment with the AEC had fucked up the delay in the election results. Circumference replied that over his breakfast , he saw this possible years political dramas in his Chinese tea leaves and after wiping the gravy off his plate, he thought he would jump on the gravy train in the national interest and accept the AEC’s offer to help them out. Then the closet Pauline Hanson voters were called out to Please Explain and to his credit at least one admitted to what had he had done.

In the absence of Moonbeams, his regular stand-in proxy, a disappointed Josephine always ready to close the circle was overlooked by all and RPR3 ended without the traditional “end of circle”.

Yours in hashing


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