Run 2033…Hare: Sir Prince and Magician

Run 2032


Location: Robina

Hare: Sir Prince & Magician


Final instructions from the hare sent the pack off in a couple of directions, some on the on on trail and others on the reverse no no trail. As a result, there were multiple splinter groups doing runs, walks and even kitchen duties. In fairly new hashing territory, Bent Banana and Miscarriage were first home from their tour of the suburb with Truck Tyres not too far behind. A sizeable crew were working in the trailer kitchen area and before long M’selle Latrine was offering the entrĂ©e of dim sims and spring rolls in his roving maitre d’ role. Cold beers and red wine were soon being enjoyed just as Sir Prince Valiant called that the first sitting of mains was being served. A spicy Red Curry Thai Beef and rice was the tasty offering. Next up was the 72 egg omelette and beef noodle dish which topped off the appetites of all pretty quickly.

After a breather to allow hashers to get their guts back in shape in case down downs were coming their way, the stand in GM, Shat, called for all to tidy up the trailer furniture to get the circle underway.

First up was the Magician and ex Saigon and now Brisbane hasher , Metal Dildo who actually got lost on his own run. Truck Tyres who believed he did the whole run, said he found the whole trail rather confusing. In particular, there was the first XXXX On Home marking which got his beer thirst going, only to be cut down by the next marking of a check before another XXXX On Home.

The kitchen crew of Sir Prince Valiant, Kitchen Bitch, Sir Botcho, Dicky Knee and Moonbeams were next up for a drink. The latter remarked that he thought the nosh was down on quality on past performances.

Soon the GM presented a quick spiel in a This Is Your Life, Blue Card. A headline from his tablet and another news item from Circumference soon had him facing the circle to explain his French tour behaviour. However Blue Card shot one back at the acting GM for telling him that the evening’s run venue was actually at next weeks venue. Then in a flick pass move, Shat who obviously had a Senior’s moment on his morning bike ride got confused by the arrows around Main Beach from where Sir Two Dogs and Circumference had set the run over the weekend, asked Circumference to join Blue Card for a down down.

Jigsaw, hardly a virgin hasher who stunned the circle when he admitted he didn’t know what XXXX On Home meant got a well deserved down down. A quick hash Royal Commission demanded to know just how many runs has Jigsaw now actually gone the full distance on and been rewarded with milestones.

Visitor Metal Dildo was joined by Truck Tyres who elaborated a doggy style story about a purchase he made while on tour in the Phillipines . Apparently the RSPCA is following up on this story.

Miscarriage called out Circumference for his story about his Melbourne GF trip with Sir Prince Valiant as everyone had told him what a great time he must have had, although he couldn’t recall any of it..

The Iceman told the circle a joke about a photographer having the chance to take a black, white or coloured photo of a pompous pussy pinching Presidential wannabe.

Moonbeams was the invited to close the circle to RPR 18.

Thanks, Slug , for last week’s run report.


A legless man and a blind man were having a conversation over a few beers. The legless man said he was there to get blind while the blind man said he was there to get legless.

Yours in hashing


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