Run 2034…Hare: Circumference

Run 2034


Location: Main Beach

Hare: Cicumference


Several months ago, the RA was consulted about the weather for the Indy/V8’s run and he couldn’t guarantee a fine night. As there has been a bit of Bob Dylan around in recent times – The times they are a changing- he told us years ago, the committee made contingency plans. So with weather patterns changing all the time and a 100-1 shot winning the last Melbourne Cup, a punt was taken on moving the event to somewhere more sheltered,namely in the vicinity of the Southport SLSC, in case of bad weather. So right on cue, a big storm system appeared on the BOM site , with less than 2 hours till the start of Monday’s V8’s event. The storm was coming from the west and was heading direct for the GC. The gridlock traffic standstill in pouring rain made the trip to the venue a big enough challenge before the 6:15 pm scheduled start.

So down came the rain and washed the trail away and after that the drizzle made the concrete and in particularly the bitumen an oily skating rink. The numbers of hashers had swelled to 14, so a vote was held as to whether to proceed or not in the Carefree(run venue) undercover shelter. First up was the runners vote and Swollen Colon raised his right hand in the affirmative while he held his cold Crownie in his left. Next up was the walkers vote and M’selle Latrine raised his right hand in the affirmative while he held his cold Crownie in his left. So 12 hashers,concerned about their health and safety out in the elements, without their wet weather racing slicks, declined in the Hashexit vote. The 2016 V8 Run was officially declared a washout.

Suddenly everyone was heading for the eskys and the good selection of beers provided by Bent Banana. The conversations over drinks included the weekend of madness the GC had just witnessed with new drug, Flakka, causing overdoses resulting in demonic behaviour, induced comas, and crazy clowns wandering around the streets acting like nutters. Apparently the Scottish food chain clown, Ronald McDonald, has gone into hiding for fear of being bashed by vigilante groups, like the Palmy Army, the Cooly Kids,Helensvale Hoods and The Nerang Bogans.

As the bottled red wine was also being consumed fairly quickly, the acting GM called a quick circle before everyone spent their dinner money.
As they were the only ones who voted to participate in the evening’s activities, Swollen and Latrine were declared unofficial winners in their respective events.
Visitor Clive, now a GC resident, formerly of Rhodesia and SA, was given a welcoming down down. At great expense, the committee were able to get former Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, to pop in for a quick chat while he visits the GC for the V8’s, before he joined us at the surf club for dinner. Well done, M’selle Latrine on your impersonation, especially the way you drank as much red wine as your alias. Swollen also got a mention after the GC Bulletin story about his all Australian business , that doesn’t outsource its work but employs only Australians(all 7.5 of them).

Sir Botcho mentioned apologies for their absences from Miscarriage and carry over POW Kitchen Bitch. The word kitchen was a prompt for time to go to the surf club for a meal. A young wannabe Moonbeams, Brewtus, was invited to close the circle of RPR 19.
The meals were served fairly quickly and as all tucked in, a discovery of a particular red wine made for hash was made by the Top Gear presenter look a like. The label has a footprint on it and it is a shiraz known as Barefoot. A couple of bottles of the product were downed by Shat, Hard On and M’selle Latrine over dinner.

The conversation then turned to the hashing Thai tourists and whether that’s country shutdown was stopping their alcohol consumption by turning Thailand into the country with no beer during the mourning period following the death of the king. However , it was agreed that Missing Link would sniff out some alcohol somewhere for all of them to enjoy.

As it had been an early night on the drink, from around 6:20 pm, it was time to call it quits around 9pm after a fairly intoxicating but memorable evening, the first time the Indy/V8’s run has been a washout.
Yours in hashing

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