Run 2040…Hare: Jigsaw

Run 2040


Location: Benowa

Hare: Jigsaw


A few hashers made their mark as the entered the venue at Jigsaw’s residence. Stubbies fell out of eskys and cartons onto the ground and Swindler sampled the cherry tomatoes growing in the garden. As the numbers swelled, the clock ticked over and soon the hare advised the walkers to go left and the runners right. Miscarriage and Missing Link were the only runners to actually stay on trail as most of the pack dropped off in various stages due to the humid conditions and the thought of icy cold beer awaiting them back at the venue.
The entrée of Jigsaw’s home made dips of beetroot and hommus were served with crackers before the next course of spicy balls followed. If you had pole position like Showpony at the end of the table, all the nibbles were within easy reach, otherwise it was just wait until a gap opened up to get a snack. Next up was the pulled pork roll /salads and chips combo which went down a treat with a Mc Guigan’s red or two. The final course was a crunchy custard pastry with ice cream
With the GM assuming his position behind bars(the pool fence), jigsaw was called out for a down down. Missing Link said he stayed on trail only by following Miscarriage because he wanted to find his way home on the adequate well marked trail. The walkers faced a challenge as it went down a no through road. Kwakka, on behalf of the Shaky Isle Wobblies Tourists was invited to tell the circle about their misadventures in  NZ.
The RA called up Mikki Pedia for being on his mobile phone . Apparently this hasher knows about everything, as he is a Hash Mensa International and more clever than the legendary Smartass Farkaroon. But as we all know, from time to time,shit happens, no matter how smart you are.
Returning from an extended tour of Thailand, Missing Link, entertained the circle with a story about his travelling companions hygiene habits. As I have not written one of those hashers on tour sermons for awhile, this could be entertaining down the track.
Miscarriage, never short of an encounter told how he sprung some Nerangatangs hooning around his development site. When he approached them, they didn’t believe that they were trespassing, or that it was his land/ property because of the piece of shit vehicle he was driving was worse than the bigger piece of shit vehicle they were ripping his place up in.
As usual, after a Miscarriage yarn, another from Sir Prince Valiant is never to far away. SPV told how he copped a spray from a WPHS official for not wearing his high vis vest on a site where he had visited to check out some work that had been carried out. So off to the car he goes to get the said vest which he puts on. Then suddenly he was copping a laugh from everyone he walked past. As we all know, BLF/CMFEU workplaces are not exactly convents, so when they saw the words that were clearly printed on the back of the vest, that was enough to get them giving it to SPV bigtime. Poor old SPV realised he had been set up a beauty by his so called hash mates when he checked out the scribble on the back of his vest. There it was in bright bold letters – I AM A WANKER and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Probably the first nomination for the Prick/s of the Year. Caustic Crusader was almost invited out into the circle  for some of his disparaging remarks about the scenario.
As Showpony had a nap, Iceman told his best joke of the year about a prick, well that was the long and short of it.
Magician who was a late starter on the evening arrived with the POW which he awarded to the hare, Jigsaw. As he had missed most of the evening, the circle was wondering what Magician could pull out of his box of tricks to nail the hare. Apparently on the weekend, Magician had been doing the rounds of his local Bunnings when in wandered Jigsaw in his lyrca mankini hot pants which Magician considered obscene as there were women and children in the store who should not have been exposed to that much of Jigsaw’s crack.
A couple of card carrying honorary Cubans for the night, namely Fanny Charmer and Elvis who did a few gigs down there, shouted Viva Fidel in the circle at the passing of the former Cuban GM.
Circle closer Moonbeams did the honours and it that was the end of RPR 25, another fine evening of good food, beverages and frivolity.
Yours in hashing

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