Run 2048…Hare: Josephine & Sir Rabbit

Run 2051

Run: 2048


Location: Labrador

Hare: Josephine & Sir Rabbit


Norm Rix Park was the venue chosen by the hares for the return of the first hash event in Labrador in 2017, at the same venue where sensitive locals had  complained to police about activities that coincidentally happened in that park while the GC hash just happened to be in that neighbourhood previously. Thanks to the community minded hashers, the last time the hash were there, the coppers were able to get eye witness BS statements about kids who had been letting off fireworks and which direction they had left in. Swollen Colon could even provide the officers with descriptions of what type of fireworks they used and the type of bicycles they rode off on.
Josephine welcomed all and gave instructions to both walkers and runners as to which direction they should head. It wasn’t long before all found the well marked trails through Labrador’s sports ovals and got a bit of a sweat up on the hill climb. The run headed out towards the Colgate Palmolive Park before turning back to where there were cold refreshments waiting. Between swatting mossies and enjoying Bent Banana’s cold Crownies, hashers enjoyed the reasonably pleasant weather wise evening with the occasional sea breeze.
As Sir Rabbit had found a nice new extra large big pot for hash cooking, a parking spot close to the BBQ area was left vacant for him to arrive late with the nosh. Cold Coronas were next up when the Crownies ran out , just before nosh was served. It doesn’t take long for hashers to form a queue when it is announced that it is tucker time especially when their appetites are screaming for food after a few beers. Butter chicken served with basmati rice /sesame seed oil, Mesclun rocket and English spinach salad with Bhaji Mix were the ingredients of this tasty meal. Ferret chewed on something crunchy which he thought might be a cockroach but just to allay his fears, it was part of the Bhaji Mix. As the big pot seemed bottomless, hashers came back for seconds and thirds with Fanny Charmer rejoicing at the feast. The dessert was profiteroles with returning runner BB having a couple of them.
GM Rock Hard called circle time and soon had Sir Two Dogs talking about the run which he considered as usual a high quality run / 8 out of 10. The hares then got their well deserved down downs. No doubt the nosh will be an early favourite for Nosh of the Year as we clock over almost three-quarters of the life of this hash committee and the noshes that have been served up. Returning runners -Lurch, BB and visitors Christian and Daniel were next up in the circle for a drink. The RA stepped up and got updated medical reports on Showpony and Moonbeams from Miscarriage and Sir Prince Valiant. There are always new shoes in hash as it is a fact of life that the old ones just wear out. This week it was Blue Card and Fark All who were called out to pressure test their joggers.
Sir Prince Valiant charged the Magician with reckless body surfing by taking out the only person in the water at the time, an elderly citizen out for his daily swim. The Magician figured that while he was in the circle, he might as well charge someone as well, his choice the GM for attempting to sell his high quality goods firstly at a garage sale then on Gumtree. However as he considered the goods offered for sale were shit, nothing sold. Somehow Jigsaw got the down down as the GM’s lookalike (?). Truck Tyres doing his bit as a GC tourism ambassador apparently took out a Chinese female tourist in an incident while cycling on Sundale bridge. Eye-witnesses thinking he was showing his compassion by asking if she was okay were floored when Truckie said – You stupid bitch ! Sir Rabbit was asked to adjudicate on the disputed alleged facts declared – Guilty , as charged. It wasn’t long before he went from zero to hero for raising the trophy for his effort as part of the winning golf team at Sir Botcho’s Splinter lunch tournament. A birthday drink was enjoyed by Bent Banana.
Carryover POW Jigaw awarded Missing Link the week’s winner as a result from another story from the hash cyclists as Missing Link had said to him while riding – I have got the shits ! Enough said.
RPR 35 was closed by co-hare, Josephine.
Cock a doodle do, the Sydney City Roosters won the NRL Auckland Nines in the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. It was the omen bet for GC hashers after the last week of hashing.
It would appear that President Trump signed up on Executive Orders with no regard for the US Constitution or their law. When his own appointed Attorney-General questioned the legality of his temporary travel ban immigration bans, she was dismissed in The Apprentice style -You’re Fired.  A Seattle judge had the same opinion and suddenly the floodgates were open again as airlines started bringing in passengers from the seven banned countries which has fired up the Big Donald. There is great opportunity for the new president to actually show some statesmanship, while he is in the so-called early honeymoon days of government, and have a go at reviewing the USA’s foreign policy and contact a few other major world powers about banning their arms dealers who currently supply bombs and weapons to these tin pot dictatorships and terrorist groups which result in the world being flooded with homeless refugees wandering around the planet as a result of their homes being blown to smithereens and shit scared of being tortured or killed. The question of how did we get into this mess in the first place has continually been avoided for too long.
It seems that Twitter is the preferred tool of a President of a government which makes policy on the run and at the drop of a hat declares open season on anyone, who questions any policy. All from a democratically elected President who received about 28% of the votes during the election on the promise to make America GREAT again, but who it seems at the moment is only able to GRATE most of the other 72% of eligible American voters . A sign at a recent protest rally stated – IKEA has a better cabinet than Trumps. To think this is after about only 4 weeks of a 4 year term, but in all fairness it is still very early days of the presidency as he comes to realise now that he is first time in government as Top Dog, the gold old days of locker room talk, pussy grabbing, failure to submit tax returns to the IRS, alleged assaults of females are well and truly behind him.
It would seem that White House spokesman Mr  Sean Spicer believes Australia’s current Prime Minister is a Mr Trumble which would make him the latest in a long line of PM’s that the incumbent president at the time over recent years in the White House has a record of contacting. The list includes Howard-Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Abbott-Turnbull-Trumble.  Hopefully Mr Spicer will do some research and realise his error before he too becomes another possible candidate for – Your Fired. Maybe Mr Spicer, in his current job, where spin is a requirement, was actually thinking of that famous Australian cricketer, Hugh Trumble who in the 1890’s took 141 Test wickets bowling leg spin.
Yours in hashing

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