Run 2068…Hare Ferrett

Date:12th June 2017………………………………..
Location: Miami…………………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

Should I or shouldn’t I. This went on in my mind all afternoon, especially as the weather worsened and rain intensified. Finally about 5:30 I thought, poor Ferrett, he will probably be on his own if I don’t go. So I put on the warmest hash gear I could find, packed a rain coat and spare clothes. I got to the BBQ site at the little park at the end of Santa Monica Road on Marine Parade. I knew things weren’t going too good when I stepped out of the car into a big puddle, and rushed to the shelter. Well one could hardly call it a shelter, the rain was blowing from all sides and all the tables and benches were wet. Tried moving around to find the “driest” area, didn’t work.

I was glad to see about 6 other hashers there at 6 pm, mainly committee.  Most were mumbling something about “if I wasn’t on the committee, I wouldn’t bloody be here”. Ferrett was counting numbers as he had to go back to his palace to collect the nosh. Anyway, hashers started drifting in, and about 6:15 pm 15 hashers set off in the torrential rain, 10 returned in about 30 seconds to keep Ferrett company, and 5 runners disappeared towards Pizzey Park. They drifted back after half an hour, but by that time those that stayed back got stuck into worming red wine, or beer.

Ferrett disappeared, and came back with three cooler bags, first was opened and a big pot of hot soup was brought out. Very tasty and warming, good choice. That pot was cleaned out quickly. Next bag was opened and another big pot was brought out, plus a rice cooker and a plate of salad. Curried sausages, mmmm. Sticky rice, mmmm. Anyway it got finished also. Finally the third bag was opened and a bunch of bananas came out and a container of custard. Ferrett got busy cutting up the bananas, and almost everyone had dessert.  Except Bent Banana, by the time he got to it there was only a spoon of custard left.

The assembly looked like a Rosie’s kitchen for the homeless, but there were hardly any passers by to notice.

GM called the circle to order, and updated hashers on Croc’s condition, saying he might need more surgery and treatment could take some time, we all prayed for him.

Truckie was called out for a reason I forget (my notebook was getting wet by this time and pen was misbehaving).

Fanny was called out for being part of the Jacquie Lambie fan club.

Someone said that Brutus had sent his apologies for not coming as he stubbed his toe.

Truckie had a general announcement, he had lost his kit bag about two weeks ago, which looked just like the kit bag GM was waving around, asking if anyone had found it, it was his.

Fanny was called out again for flashing a very expensive looking silver mug he had just bought. Sir Rabbit was called out to examine the mug and give his appraisal. Rabbit thought it could have been worth about $16 especially with the engraving of the Coopers brand. Fanny proudly announces he paid $15, so he though he got a bargain.

Hare Ferrett was called out and Bent Banana gave a run report, saying it was very well set out, marks were good, but it had helped that it was the same trail the Ferrett and Romeo had set 4 days before for the Thursday Hash!!!

RA called out Circumference as he missed out having a run report last week.

Fanny was called out again for being observed cycling up to the top of the Gateway Bridge, and everyone was glad those barriers were high enough to prevent him from falling off. Fanny was commended for helping out a fellow cyclist who had fallen.

RA gave a joke about a farm boy who was deprived of breakfast.

Miscarriage was called out as the birthday boy and had a down down.

POW was called out, Miscarriage again on behalf on Nasty who was away. He called Bent Banana out for tripping him on the run, he called Circumference out for looking like a condom in his rain jacket, and he called Fanny out for wanting to root Lambie. Fanny got the POW, and issued a warning to look out next week.

Bent Banana sets next week’s run from the mansion.

Blackie not there to close the circle, it was closed anyway, and mass stampede to get out of the rain. Miscarriage suggested everyone call their wives to say they would be home early!!!

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