Run 2073…Hares Wrong Way & Weekly

Date: 17th July 2017………………………………..
Location: Robina…………………………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

Got to the car park next to the church nice and early. Plenty of car parking spaces, well lit, dry. I thought it was an ideal spot. No sooner I got there I saw this procession of cars leaving. I didn’t have a chance to speak to anyone, but Caustic was busy waving everyone away. Well, maybe a change of venue?

I followed the cars out onto the road, across the roundabout at Markeri, and stop on the side road just up from the roundabout. Mmmmm. Restricted parking, generator was brought out for lighting, the grass was wet. A table was set up on the grass in the corner of the park near the roundabout. There was a constant buzzing, I looked up and noticed we were directly under several 350,000 volt power lines. Hope we didn’t get radiation poisoning. The hare, Wrong Way, got up onto the slope, called for attention, and immediately blamed Botcho for not getting the instructions correct. He did a quick count, 35 or so, for food promising it would not be McDonalds. Ha.The run got off to a late start, and headed west along the footpaths parallel with Markeri, arrows seemed few and far between, but maybe I was not on trail. Hard to tell. Seemed like there were runners and walkers all over the place. Finally got back to the table after about 40 minutes. Good walk anyway.

Wrong Way, assisted by Weekly, got a large cardboard box onto the table and started handing out hash browns and a hamburger (looked very much like McDonalds), this was followed by a quarter pounder. Dessert was an apple (or similar) pie. Yes, McDonalds all the way.

GM called the circle, then he and Ice Man started fiddling with a mobile. This went on for a few minutes and the gang was getting restless. Anyway, a recording came on, by Morgan Freeman complimenting the new hierarchy, and amplified by the horn for all to hear.

GM called out the hare, who, for some reason started putting on a pair of boxing gloves. Maybe he was expecting trouble. Caustic reported that the run was predictable, long enough, but short on arrows. Blackie gave a nosh report said that hashers got 2 meals for the price of one, once when you ate it and second when you vomit it up. Then Blackie started sparring with Wrong Way, but the gloves were already put away. Wrong Way announced that the food was donated, no charge. Wrong Way and Weekly had a down down.

Returning runners were Wrong Way, Weekly, Ferrett, Wiki, Sweat Hog. Each had a down down.

RA started with the jokes, then called out Fanny for his smart remarks.

Caustic stepped forward to say that he had been on a long bike ride from Murwillumbah, when riding up Christine Ave, Brutus came up behind him and slapped him on the arse, and told Caustic to hurry up. Brutus got a down down.

RA gave a few more jokes.

Back to GM who called out Caustic for an update on Croc. Caustic said there was a small improvement; Croc was going into rehab, but still no visitors. Croc has a computer, so can receive emails. Hashers wished him well in recovery and rehab.

Prince advised that Miscarriage was having an operation. Prince also remaindered everyone about the Moonbeams memorial drinks at the Broadbeach Surf Club on Sunday between 2 and 7 pm.

VD came out to tell hashers that we probably will not be able to use the recent AGPU venue on Upton Street anymore as someone had plastered un-removable stickers everywhere with Flashers name on them. Apparently they are very difficult to remove, so hash has been banned from that venue, which is a great pity as it is ideal for our functions. So Flasher, if you read this, please stop the vandalism.

POW Sweat Hog called out Jigsaw, Caustic and Wrong Way as contenders. Wrong Way was the obvious choice for incorrect directions, car park, boxing gloves and food, but was given a down down in a mug. The long yard was still full, so Weekly got the down down for helping wrong Way.

Next weeks run at the Hinterland Park in Mudgeeraba hare is AH.

Brutus closed the circle, much to Blackie’s relief.

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