Run 2074…Hare Sir AH

Date: 24th July 2017………………………………..
Location: Mudgeeraba…………………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

Morgan Freeman on Kitchen Bitch’s 300 Runs

Well, it couldn’t have been closer to home, well done AH. A good number of hashers turned up at the BBQ and shelter at Hinterland Park on Hardy’s Road, Mudgeeraba. Although there was a light at the BBQ area, the shelter with the benches and tables was in almost complete darkness. Truckie brought out the spot lights and with an amazing and precarious feat of balance, climbed onto a folded table leaning up against a roof support post, and held in place by a couple of hashers and managed to lash the lights onto a cross beam.

I was waiting for Dicky Knee to come as he had made a special request for some warming drink he remember I had made for a hash run about 8 years ago. I had set up a table, a little camp stove and a pot of warm mulled wine ready for hashers coming back after their walk and run. Apples, oranges and lemons helped give it a wonderful flavour and aroma. In fact, a possum climbed half way down a tree close by, and an intrepid hasher placed a poly cup full of mulled wine fruit in the tree. The possum came down, and held the cup in one hand and dived into the fruit. Hashers were concerned that the possum would fall out of the tree.

The hare AH brought out tomato soup and ably assisted by KB, started filling up cups and getting ready for the onslaught of hungry hashers. This was followed by perfectly cooked rice and curry, and followed by chocolate cake and caramel cake. More than enough for everyone.

The GM called the circle to order, and called out returning runner Pizza, and visitor Bigamist for down downs.

Hare AH was called out. Bent Banana said the run was good, but some of the paper markings confusing. Hashers agreed the food was good. AH had a down down.

AH was brought out again for his birthday down down.

In the absence of RA Ice Man, Caustic stepped forward, and started with a joke about a polar bear with a long willy.

He then asked if there were any golfers, and called out AH and Hard On. Caustic went on to ask them if golfers payed with two clubs. Both said no, only one club at a time. Caustic then asked them why, after drinking a bottle of red wine, he went home to watch the golf on TV and saw players using two clubs playing two balls.

Caustic then went on with an update on Croc’s condition. He said that Croc could now take visitors, but limited to 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the afternoon. Latest email from Botcho had links to book visiting times and dates. We are glad to see improvement to Croc’s condition.

Half way through the circle, there was a loud plop. A drunken possum had fallen out of the tree.

Miscarriage was called up for calling Elvis Howard Hughes, must have been the dark glasses.

Elvis was called up for damaging a ligament in his right arm after playing soccer.

Prick of the Week stand in Weekly (for Wrong Way) was disappointed that Blackie was not present for Blackie’s antics of last week. He called out KB instead for sending Weekly to the back of the nosh queue.

GM called the circle to order announcing a milestone for KB, 300 runs. First there was a recording by Morgan Freeman honouring KB, and then KB was presented with a special white chef’s hat inscribed with KB doing 300 runs.

Friday Splinter Hash lunch is being arranged by Now Loved at Broadbeach, email announcement to follow.

GM gave a report on Moonbeams farewell in Broadbeach on Sunday afternoon. Sir Prince Valiant had a few stories about Moonbeams. RIP.

KB closed the circle.

Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.

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