Run 2077…Hare Elvis

Date: 14th August 2017…………………………..
Location: West Burleigh………………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

Nice easy run down the motorway this evening, not like the last time going to Now Loved’s run when there was an accident on the M1 blocking traffic both ways for kilometres. Got to the car park area at the petrol station just of the M1 on Tallebudgera Creek Road and parked just near the restaurants about 6:00 pm. Seemed like fewer runners this evening, only about 20. The hare, Elvis, called everyone together about 6:05 to the protests of everyone saying it was too early. Elvis wanted to give run instructions before he forgot what he wanted to say. He had to repeat them anyway at 6:15

The instructions seemed quite clear. Arrows were in blue chalk. Walkers and runners would split up soon after the start. Walkers would follow the boardwalk. No torches were needed (I was about to put mine away, then thought better of it), there was a drink stop, walkers could get there in about 15 minutes, and there would be a lovely lady there giving out drinks.

Well, who believes what the hare says, all myths and shadows. We set off as a group across the Tallebudgera Creek Road where twin arrows pointed across the road, and into Loman Lane. Then it seemed to fragment, and a group of walkers continued down into Loman Lane (no arrows!). Shortly after there were vigorous On On calls as the runners found a trail up West Burleigh Road towards the Stocklands Shopping Centre, and apparently into the side roads to Ocean Parade.

Walkers continued into the brightly lit David Fleay car park, through the gate and onto a boardwalk. Well, it was pitch dark and all the walkers had to use their torches. It was a hazardous walk on the unfenced boardwalk, but nobody fell over into the mangroves. Walkers continued along the boardwalk, further along the creek came into view, and lights from across the creek. Well, after about 30 minutes the walkers were getting thirsty, and the rumbling started. Where was the drink stop, where was the lady to serve the drinks, where was Elvis? Rumblings got worse, and then the threats to punish him started. Finally, the revolt, quick consultation, and walkers decided to turn around and head home. Drinks stop could still be kilometres away. Walk was about an hour, fairly flat with a few small inclines (enough to get a few moans out of the walkers).

Got back to the restaurant, and no beer, no drinks. However, Josephine was with us and he had some of the eskies in his car and came to the rescue. About 6:30 the first two runners, Botcho and Blackie appeared breathing heavily. They were immediately interviewed (TV style) and gave a brief description of the run route and drink stop before they could go for their drinks. They said it was a good run.

Slug filled in for Jigsaws who was away, and collected cash, runners started drifting in. Then GM called the circle.

Sir Slab was called in first for his birthday drink, Shat called in for his disparaging remarks about GM’s wife not being slow to come.

GM reintroduced the rule where one Sir drinks all Sirs drink, and brought out Sir Blackie, Sir Rabbit and Sir Prince for a down down.

Hare Elvis was called into the circle. Sweat Hog described the run as good, well set and long enough. Elvis has his down down.

Visitor and local resident Graham was a guest of Elvis, he had a welcome down down.

GM called Now Loved who was getting ready to fly to Panama to join a sailing catamaran for a few weeks fishing and surfing in the Pacific Ocean, and gave Now Loved a map of where NOT to go in some of those troubled areas.

Weekly stepped out and asked if anybody wanted to accompany him in a visit to see Croc in his new home. GM announced that he has seen Croc, and a video was posted on the web site. Croc was in great spirits, and had his first cup of coffee in over 4 months!

RA came into the circle with a usual joke, then called Blackie in and asked him if he could walk a straight line. Sweat Hog had seen him waver and trip on the run.

Graham was called in again and commended on being a good runner. We look forward to Graham running with hash again.

Sweat Hog stepped in and asked if the run had gone through a pig farm and where was it? He smelt shit. Something to do with Ice Man?

POW Shat was proxy for Nasty, and called out Hard On and Lurch, gave some stories about them, and then said the POW was going to …. Elvis for the lies, myths and screw ups (for the walkers).

Blackie called end of circle.

Everyone then went into the restaurant where we had delicious chicken, sweat and sour pork and a beef dish. Enough for all. Slab provided a casket of red wine.

Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.

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