Run 2078…Hare Aussie

Date: 21st August 2017…………………………..
Location: Ashmore…………………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

Don’t know if you believe in coincidences, déjà-vu or whatever, I had spent the weekend on 10 mtr yacht Tranquillity on the Broadwater, and the hash tonight was at a park called Tranquillity. I was running a bit late and arrived as hashers were setting off and I missed the run instructions.

I caught up with a group of walkers going up Glenmore Drive, then cross Paradise River Park to Lochinvar Ct. We got to the end of Lochinvar Ct and fortunately we had a hasher who had lived in the area for 27 years. Hard On guided us through a walkway to Kawana Crescent, then down a path in River Reserve to a little footbridge crossing a small creek. There was talk about going back, but then we were out only 15 minutes, and decided to go ahead. Just over the bridge was a circle with three arrows. We decided to follow the path along the creek up to Clear River Blvd. We kept to the loop and got to a place that looked familiar. It was the same footbridge that we had crossed earlier. Ah ha! We set off for home along Kawana Crescent back to the Tranquillity Park. The runners started coming in, I didn’t hear where they went.

There was a kids playground with a small single BBQ with a water tap nearby, a single rubbish bin was the other side if the playground. There was a shade sail over the playground area, and a single light pole between the playground and the rubbish bin. Well, the shade sail cast a shadow over the BBQ and water tap. Two tables were set beside the BBQ (also in the dark), and Aussie was setting up for the night. He then disappeared for about 15 minutes to collect the food, and during this time hashers were already into their second beer and wines. There were rumblings about getting hungry, when finally Aussie turned up with pots of curries, chicken korma and lamb, saffron rice and bags of bread and samosas. He laid out the samosas which were quickly demolished. Dicky Knee was so hungry he ate one and immediately felt the spicy burning.

KB came up and gave Aussie a helping hand, stirring the curries and getting the flat bread heated. Then came the usual rush for food, you would think everyone was hungry! There was a little rice left, and the remaining liquid was spooned into a last bit of rice for seconds. All very tasty. Then came desert, Aussie got out a saucepan and started whisking the contents. He said it was a caramel sauce but he was whisking too quickly, so he handed it over to me, nice and slow over a low heat. It was still a bit liquid; I was hoping it would thicken. Dicky Knee thought I was making another Mulled Wine that he missed previously. Everyone got a plate of ice cream, chocolate cake with a spoonful of warm caramel over the top. Lovely.

After about 5 minutes the circle was called, GM Blue Card was absent and after a brief discussion, Ice Man took command. He called out the hare, Aussie, and asked for a run and food report. KB gave a note and Aussie had his down down. As we were in the shadow of the shade sail, I made some brief notes and wondered why Aussie had declined the trailer with its powerful spotlights. Anyway, while Aussie was standing in the circle there was this bright glow from his shoes, and comments about “new shoes”. Well, he couldn’t get away with that, the soles were inspected and sure enough, new shoes. Another down down from the shoe.

Returning runners Missing Link, Aussie, Kwakka, Magician, Phantom and Fuller Shit came out for a down down. Caustic sounded the note.

Rock Hard came out for something I cant read my writing about, sorry.

Ferrett called out KB for being photographed in the high society page in the newspaper with a very attractive lady. Phantom gave KB a note.

The Phantom was called out for his birthday down down, Weekly gave a note.

Weekly stepped in to say that he and Shat had visited Croc and that Shat would give the report, but went on to give the report himself to the disappointment of Shat. Anyway, they both got a word or two in. Croc was doing remarkably well and was hoping to get home soon and even get to hash! Come on Croc.

Prince recounted a story about a day he was fishing on the beach. He already had a good catch when the girl jogged by, stopped 30 metres away and stripped naked, and jumped into the sea. Prince was a bit distracted until he heard a voice behind him asking him what he was looking at. Princess was checking his catch.

Prince then stepped out again as proxy POW for Elvis. He called out Hard On for his exceptional local knowledge during the walk, but decided that Magician should get the POW for getting a parking fine in Brisbane then a speeding ticket. Missing link gave a note for the down down.

Bent Banana was called out for achieving 750 runs.

Fuller Shit walked around the circle giving out floating key rings.

Blackie closed the circle; I think he is now becoming more comfortable with it.

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