Run 2082…Hares Josephine & Sir Rabbit

Date: 18th September 2017…………………….
Location: Labrador………………………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

It’s not every Monday night at hash that the planets align but the series of circumstances that unfolded will be remembered for awhile, well maybe a few weeks anyhow. Firstly the Hareline throws up the hares who decide that the venue will be from a park named after a prominent GC developer. Monday night just happens to be the night that many hashers like to watch a bit of the ABC on the television if they get home in time. On this particular Monday night, the ABC’s Four Corners just happened to be running an expose on City Hall decisions, developers and their dollars and the subsequent farty smell / code of silence lingering over the GCCC which the GC Bulletin has been telling us all about for quite awhile. So hashers , pre-run were discussing this television program as Josephine called all together for instructions just as Swollen Colon arrived with his signature firework bang. The walkers headed towards Labrador Tigers AFL club and the runners towards Point Two’s old neighbourhood. A welcome addition to this run were lots of directional arrows and checks which encouraged all to enjoy the run through all the new wide pathways surrounding the rear of Commonwealth Games Village and the Hockey venue. Lots of Bollards were prominent on the trail and no doubt with security high on the agenda for the Games, these pathways will provide hashers with lots of safe running and cycling territory for many years to come.¬† The walkers were already soaking up the birthday beers and wines provided by Sir Botcho and Sir Rabbit as the runners returned. A few packets of chips were served up as snacks to pass around and those quick enough had a nibble.
Sir Rabbit served up the nosh of butter chicken, salad and rice to the patient hashers who staggered their arrival to the serving area in an orderly fashion. The servings were generous and very tasty and the southern French Bordeaux red wine went down a treat with the meal.
The A/ GM was getting toey about moving things along as some hashers wanted to get home to watch the Four Corners program. So he commenced a circle while he kneeled confessional style on a table.
The hares were called out while Sir Rabbit was still trying to personally deliver his ice creams from his over the shoulder ice cream box. Weekly was impressed with the walkers trail and all runners enjoyed themselves with no one getting lost on the well marked trail.
After welcoming back the returning runners, including Miscarriage from the USA, the A/GM’s knees gave way and as he arose pretty quickly he showered a not too impressed Sir Botcho with his grog spillage. The birthday Sirs got well deserved down downs and were thanked for their beverages.
As Truck Tyres had dropped in unannounced to visit Mrs M’link, while her husband was absent over the weekend, to discuss some body corporate issues, a down down was considered appropriate.
In the absence of Iceman, Miscarriage was invited to stand in as RA. Who would have thought on this particular evening that a hasher who just happened to return that Monday evening,has previously stood twice for election to the GCCC and also happens to be a developer would land the stand-in RA’s gig on the same night as the ABC’s Four Corners GC story.
So the first thing the acting RA does is call out the hares for their choice of a park named a after a developer that Miscarriage had a run in with years ago and who just happened to be on the Four Corners story that Monday evening. Talk about shit happening to the hares on the chances of that random date outcome from the Hareline and their choice of that venue and the circumstances surrounding what was on ABC television  that evening.
But back to Miscarriage, and the pot calling the kettle black, and imagine what could have unfolded had he ever been elected to the GCCC in the very division where the present incumbent has been under the blow torch of the CCC for receiving developers dollars and then voting on their applications.
Who will forget the wet Saturday that hashers stood out in the rain up Ormeau/Pimpama way handing out how to vote cards for Miscarriage a couple of years ago. Maybe in light of recent media reporting of events across the GC, the acting RA may have dodged a bullet by not being elected to the “block” running City Hall.
So just to top off the alignment of the planets for the evening, the A/RA announced he will be next weeks hare from his current development where he has experienced a few issues with the GCCC. In light of all these unusual events happening on the one evening, it is considered that the venue will be renamed Miscarriage Park for future reference in all hash correspondence.
The POW was carried over in the absence of Ball Point. It was announced that GM Blue Card is out of hospital and is recuperating at his Highland Park manor.
That’s it for me for this short secondment stint as On Sec Mad Mike will be back reporting from next week.
Yours in hashing

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