Run 2083…Hare Miscarriage

Date: 25th September 2017…………………….
Location: Gilston………………………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

From Miscarriage Park last week to Miscarriage Heights this week. I think Miscarriage is campaigning for H3 support. Maybe roads names and park name are up for auction! Black Stump has already got prime position with the main entrance road. Josephine already has a road named after him in Highland Park, Nerang, so he has no chance. Mad Mike, Hard On, Fuck All probably don’t have a chance of getting council approval, but does Miscarriage care about that? Seeing that he will be having friendly meetings with them over some minor things like tree removal and turning the whole hilltop into a dust bowl (temporary, no doubt). Miscarriage will charm his way to victory.

Where is Miscarriage Heights? Those that missed a return to steep hills, dry ankle-breaking bush, and barbed wire for the unwary, might ask.  The hare took everyone up the steep track to the promised flat part of the trail and showed us the magnificent views east to the coast and west towards the hills where he plans Miscarriage Mansion. I reckon a few more trees east over that fence are likely to disappear soon also. Hashers continued along the track, runners racing ahead. We passed another house in amongst the trees, and then down into Evanita Drive. Miscarriage had put flour down, but seems birds, roos, etc. took care of the marks before we got there, we did see a few marks though. We continued down Evanita and found Miscarriage.

He directed us along a track north of Evanita, which eventually petered out and we were scrambling through bush marked with toilet paper. Ground was very loose with rocks, broken branches and leaves. We finally got to a fence near Jackaroo Crescent, and magically, Miscarriage was there directing us up the hill, and calling back those runners that had gone down. We got to a corner in the fence that was clearly marked right for the walkers and left for the runners. We continued up the hill then circled left down back into the lower parts of Miscarriage Heights. We could now see the lights from the trailer and got back there after about an hour’s walk. That first beer was so welcome!

Truckie had set up the trailer, tables, chairs and lights. Kwakka filled in for the absent Hash Cash. Josephine and Poxy set out the eskies. Weekly found the biscuits and dips in the Miscarriage car. About 7:45 there was still no sign of the hare, Ice Man or Botcho. No problem, the hare knows this area really well, they should be back soon. Meanwhile, the food arrived in a little Honda. Salad bowls, and two containers wrapped in towels to keep hot, bread, butter, and an esky with dessert.

The girls drove down the hill, and turned left onto one of the tracks and followed the track up the hill across the valley. It kept going up, and up. Stopped for a bit, and then continued on up before turning, and coming back down. A number of concerned hashers stood on the side of the track in admiration of the distance the girls had driven before turning back, and considered whether to go into rescue mode. No need, they got back down and out safely through the entrance to Miscarriage Heights.


It was now after 8:00 pm, and hashers were getting restless and hungry. Dips were put away and the salad, bread and lasagne was laid out. Prince helped dish out the lasagne to everyone. During the serving we could see torch lights and gleeful shouting from the three lost ones running down the hill towards us. The lost ones rested up, and Miscarriage finding reasons why he wasn’t really lost.


After the mini Magnum ice cream dessert, Botcho was acting GM, and I saw him busy gathering as much ice as he could find in the three eskies, and put into a bowl. He called the circle and immediately called out the hare for an icing for hierarchy abuse (himself and Ice Man). VD quickly got a bit chunk of ice for his drink before Miscarriage sat on the ice. Then the acting GM slowly told a few jokes, and then called in the RA to complete the punishment.

RA gave a few more slow jokes, and commented on the run. Acting GM then gave the hare a second down down for calling in two committee members for a down down last week. Miscarriage was finally allowed to get off the ice and drink the double DD.


Botcho called out visitor from Brisbane hash, Brengun, who will be with us for another three weeks.


Botcho announced that plates, knives and forks will no longer be provided by hash, bring your own.


Splinter hash lunch was announced for Friday at Costa D’Oro on Orchid Avenue. Pizza’s birthday celebration.


Next week’s run by Kwakka on Chevron, see the website.


KB give an account of the $500k water damage to the showroom just before the building was to be handed over.


Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.


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