Run 2084…Hare Kwakka

Date: 2nd October 2017………………………….
Location: Chevron Island………………………..
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

This week’s run returns to the flat, much to the delight of Brengun, who threatened not to go on runs if they were as steep as the Miscarriage Heights run. On a drizzly 5:00 pm afternoon start from Kwakka’s house on Chevron Island the hash wandered up to Thomas Drive, then towards Surfers. Over the bridge, then left into Riverview Parade, onto Cypress Avenue then River Drive. We passed Shat’s old house, then bumped into Pizza doing the drink stop from the back of his ute. Well, that was it, got hold of a cold beer, and we stood around chatting for about 15 minutes. The drizzle increased a bit and we all decided to head back to the sanctuary of Kwakka’s house. Up to that point the trail was well marked with arrows. I don’t know how far the runners went.


Back at Kwakka’s house everyone grouped around in the double garage. The trailer was just outside, tables and chairs were brought in and placed beside the swimming pool. Kwakka brought out a tray with some mini meat pies and sausage rolls. This was followed by salad, lasagne and bread. Dessert was a nice tiramisu, (so I was told) very light and creamy.


The tables and chairs were put away in the trailer, and GM called the circle. He said he was glad to be back, still a bit tired but improving. At the Friday Splinter Hash he had showed off a long vertical scar down the middle of his chest. GM called out Miscarriage, last week’s hare, for leading Botcho and Ice Man away from Miscarriage Heights and to his house in Nerang. GM was surprised to hear ON ON being called and the three hashers asking GM to borrow his Uber card to get a ride back to the hash. I remember seeing these three hashers running down the hill, so the Uber driver must have dropped them off high in the bush. Miscarriage got another down down. He was joined by tonight’s hare, Kwakka, and his accumplice Shat. KB gave a note.


Shat, VD, Fanny and Jigsaw were brought out (can’t remember what for), FuckAll gave a note.


GM was getting a bit tired and handed over to Jigsaw. Nothing much was said until RA, Ice Man, took over with his usual joke.


Jigsaw was called up for being the only representative at the recent Sydney 50 year memorial events as being the only hasher to represent GC Gourmet Hash. Miscarriage gave him a note.


VD was called in for somehow breaking the trailer cable (he brought the trailer to Kwakka’s house).


Swollen Colon suggested there should be a set of instructions pasted to the underside of each table explaining how to fold the table legs. There were a number of volunteers trying to close the tables earlier, and having difficulty.


Miscarriage was called in for using his mobile phone during the hash.


Bent Banana called up Brewtus for not advising about the mobile speed camera set up on route to Brewtus’ house. BB got hit with a ticket going to the hash, and another going home, about $500 in fines. They both got a down down.


Brengun was wondering if this was the Lasagne hash, last week and this week.


Hard On was called in for not wearing a hash shirt.


RA finished with an Italian wife joke.


Brengun stepped in saying he was on Hierarchy on the Brisbane hash, and he is choir master, then proceeded to sing a song, line by line with hashers singing along.


Returning runners were Pizza, Swollen Colon, and Ferrett. VD gave a note.


Swollen gave GM three Birds of Paradise flowers he said he got from the Toowoomba Flower Festival.


Poxy gave a joke, the Pizza gave a joke.


Pizza was asked to close the circle before jokes got out of hand.


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