Run 2085…Hare Sweat Hog

Date: 9th October 2017………………………….
Location: molendinar………………………..
Run Pictures.………………………………………….

We got to the treasure trove in Molendinar that houses some of Sweat Hog’s most prized possessions. A BMW 1200 bike, a 1000 Ducati, an old VW bug in various parts, chairs, tables, machines, welding equipment, etc. The hash trailer was also there, trying to get the lights sorted after the misadventure of last week.


“The run is set on chalk and paper” says the hare, and sets us off left out of his warehouse along Expansion Street, straight across the roundabout into Resources Court where we got to a false trail mark. We found the trail again on a track to the side of a building that led into a drainage easement back to Ashmore Road. We crossed Ashmore Road a bit further down with Ball Point calling On On into some bushes. Into Bicentennial Park and up an easement into Presbytery Lane. We saw Nasty coming towards us. He was doing the trail backwards??? Anyway he turned around and stayed with us along Bridle Lane, left into Macquarie Ave, then left into Watford Crescent. We entered Bicentennial Park again down a track back to Ashmore Road, then on home.


The tables and chairs were taken out of the trailer and set out in a straight line like a medieval long table. Bowls with biscuits, cheese and sausages were set out for nibbles. This was followed a bit later by corn and peas, boiled potatoes and chunks of chicken, followed by apple pie dessert.


GM called the circle, and brought the Hare out. No run report (I thought the walkers trail was well marked) and for the food report, someone thought the chicken was cut with a chainsaw. Shat gave a note.


Visitors were Brengun again, who was disappointed there was no lasagne this week, and Metro who was on his way south in a sailing boat. Slab gave a note.


Kwakka was brought out on 2 charges; one for not advising about the police van stopping as many hashers as it could last week, stopping VD and GM for a breathalyser. Secondly, missing next weeks hash as it was his 35th anniversary. Shat gave a note.


Fullershit stepped forward with a pair of glasses that were left in his bag last week. On closer examination, the glasses were very colourful and pretty, they were not claimed, and Fullershit was told to rethink where else he could have been for a pair of very feminine glasses to be left in his bag. Explain that to your wife. I reckon those glasses would end up in a bin somewhere.


Kwakka stepped forward with more lost property from last week, an umbrella for Fanny and a rain jacket for Jigsaw.


Fanny was brought in again for revolting against Spain, and he angrily repeated that he was not from Catalan. He got a down down anyway. Note from HardOn along with a trumpet rendition from Metro.


Substitute RA, Botcho, called Fanny out again for posting too many photos of himself on his new white bike. Prince gave a note.


Ball Point came out with a long joke, Missing Link gave a note.


POW Ball point came back out and called, Fanny, Missing Link, Brengun, and Rabbit. Brengun picked up the POW, and drank the long glass.


GM announced that Rock Hard had been diagnosed with prostate. Mad Mike had spoken to Rock Hard the previous evening, and was advised that Rock Hard was going for a PET scan Tuesday. Our thoughts are with him.


Two Dogs announced the V8 run next week, and already there were protests on the handicapping. He is still accepting bribes.


Metro closed the circle with renditions of jazz and blues on his triplet.


Hash Cash is taking expressions of interest for the cocktail party 2nd December for hashers and partners. Let him know if you are interested so he can arrange for food and drink quantities.


Hash Cash also taking expressions of interest in the car rally for the weekend of 17 March next year. More to come later in the year.


Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.


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