Run 2105…Hare Missing Link

Date: 5th March¬† 2018……………………………
Location: Broadbeach waters…………………
Run Pictures……………………………………………

Hashers gathered at the shelter at the southeast corner of Albert Park in Broadbeach Waters. No black clouds this week, although rain was forecast. No hills also this week. Truckie had set up the trailer near the shelter. Tables and chairs were set up under the shelter.


The hare was Missing Link. He gathered hashers and directed runners west. Hard On and Weekly stayed back to guard the trailer. The Phantom guided walkers east. The trail was well marked with arrows, and followed the path north between the Southport Burleigh Road and the lake. It went east under the road then north again on the east side of the road. We walked around the PCYC and Youth Club, then west on Monaco Street, under the road again then back into the park. There were a few false trails. The track followed the footpath through the trees, west of the lake, past the rugby club, then on home to the shelter. About 25 minutes. The first runners came in at the same time.


There were corn chips and salsa on the tables. Missing Link was cooking up a nice beef curry, rice, with peanuts, diced tomatoes, onions, boiled eggs, bananas, with a sprinkling of desiccated shredded coconut. Pappadums accompanied. This was followed by Lamington and custard.


Acting GM was Jiggy. He called for hashers to put away tables and chairs, then the circle. Before Jiggy started, Weekly stepped in giving away two camp chairs. The auction for two lamps donated by STD fizzled out as they were taken early on. Truckie stepped in asking if anyone had seen the pot that belonged to the lid he held.


Jiggy got into the Oscars theme, and called out Ice Man for being frigid, Hard On for leaning on a post, Phantom for not appearing and S-Bends for being a baby driver. Shat gave a note.


GM then called Missing Link into the circle. GM asked Bent Banana if he did the entire run, seeing as he was first in. BB said the other runners went the wrong way. S-Bend gave a food critique saying it was outstanding, too good. Prince gave a note.


No Retuning Runners.


Visitors, Peter was called in. He was asked why he came again? Peter said that he has been hearing about how great hashing is from Phantom for the last 15 years. HalAl gave a note.


RA stepped in with a couple of jokes. He asked Weekly to read a joke, but Weekly did not have his glasses, Truckie tried to read it.


STD was called out for being FIQ. Normally Ferrett is first in queue, but he was away. Truckie gave a note.


Charges, Missing Link spat the dummy for receiving a charge last week from Miscarriage for placing his hash bag on one of the chairs, depriving a hasher.


Bent Banana had a charge against him for arriving at the hash last week, staying in his car, then driving away without coming in. Blackie gave a note.


GM took over the circle, and called for the POW to come out.  Miscarriage called Phantom in for a split drink, Missing Link for giving soup to a pensioner, and Shat for being grandfather of the year. Shat got the POW. Circumference gave a note.


GM called for payment for outstanding Rally fees.


Poxy called end of circle.


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