Run 2106…Hare Nasty

Date: 12th March  2018……………………………
Location: Broadbeach ……………………………
Run Pictures……………………………………………

Hashers gathered at Cascade Gardens. Truckie wasn’t there, but he left the trailer just in case. There were enough benches, tables, lights, and shelter, so the trailer or its contents were not used. There was lighting, there were water taps, there was a BBQ. STD started agitating for run instructions five minutes before start time. Finally at 6:15 precisely, Nasty showed us what a false trail marking looked like. I don’t think many hashers had ever seen one before. Then the hare set the runners off in a south westerly direction. Walkers started going with the runners until the frantic hare called them back. Nasty set the walkers off in a south-easterly direction, south along the highway. Trail went west at the north end of the Convention Centre, then south at the western edge, through what could have been a construction site. A security guard accosted us half way down the western side and said we were not allowed in that area. Someone told him that we were the last through, but we didn’t know that runners would be going through there a bit later and were turned back.


There were arrows, and the few walking stragglers went up the curved elevated walkway to the Casino, missing the check back as it was near a bright upward-beaming light on the floor of the walkway. Seeing no marking at the Casino doors (Nasty wouldn’t take us in there, would he?) or down the set of stairs, we decided to turn back to the last known marks. Almost at the end of the walkway, we saw the check back and followed trail back to the check. Trail continued around the south and up the east side of the Convention Centre then on home to a few beers. Probably about 3 km including the excursion to the Casino.


Nasty had organised Uber Eats to collect food from his house and bring it to the Park. Still hot. He started with meat pies. Then came rice and a choice of hot or not so hot chicken curry. Dessert was ice cream cheese cake.


GM called the circle. Immediately called Shat out for being disrespectful to the GM. Ball Point gave a note.


Next was the hare, Nasty. Fanny gave a run report saying it was virgin territory, but runners were tossed out of the Convention Centre construction area. Someone said there was not enough chicken, Nasty said he bought 5 kgs. Brewtus said it was the first time he had seconds of everything. Magician gave a note.


Returning runners were Magician who had stayed in a tiny room near St Moritz. Slab who was on a USA ski tour and Now Loved who was in Japan. Two Dogs stepped in with a gift for the GM he forgot from last week. Magician gave the GM a picture of the current committee as super heroes. S-Bends gave a note.


Ball Point was called in for dobbing two of the returning runners for wearing a hat in the circle. Fanny gave a note.


Prince announced that he had received $10 from Miscarriage for winning a bet that Miscarriage would not be in his new house on the hill by end February.


Prince also said he was told that the train to the Friday lunch at Beenleigh was at 11:59 instead of 11:15, which made him late. Prince got a down down, Bent Banana gave a note.


GM asked Nasty if he had requested the trailer, NO, no need as the park had lights, benches and tables and BBQ.


RA called Brewtus in for being away to a Mossman family reunion. Blackie for something, and Missing Link for using nuts in last weeks meal that were hard enough to break teeth. STD gave a note.


Shat got his embroidered cap for getting to 300 runs. Hard On gave a note.


GM called in Weekly to present the recovered (at great expense) the Golf Day trophy to the four winners, Ferrett, Bent Banana, Flasher and Rug. Each would keep it for three months, Rug took it away.


POW Shat stepped in and called Circumference for a big win at the races. He refused to say how much. Also called in was Prince for making farting noises to clear passengers away from a seating area on the train back to Gold Coast on Friday. Prince got the Prick of the Week.


Brewtus called end of circle.


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